Another Rave Review from a Trabasaxon

Another Rave Review from a Trabasaxon

At Trabasack we love receiving feedback from our customers and delight in reading blog reviews. So far (!), always positive and often with helpful criticism that we can use to improve our products.

As a small company, we are unable to use mainstream advertising, we rely heavily on online sales and people talking about us on blogs and forums and social media, we really appreciate any reviews or feedback from bloggers. Having people talk about is and link back to us really, really helps!

Last week, we had a fantastic review from Danni Brennand who blogs at  We follow Danni on Twitter (@Dannilion) and she has had a Trabasack for quite some time. Danni’s blog focuses on her personal life and experiences and we were thrilled when our product featured in her post titled: Disability Products That Make My Life Easier.

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In Danni’s post, our Trabasack Curve features along the innovative Hydrant drink bottle and the Litecup, another clever drinking receptacle. Here, Danni is pictured using her Trabasack as a bed tray and her review describes our product as ‘a brilliant idea’. She has particularly found it extremely useful since purchasing a tablet computer and its lightweight design means she is able to use it for long periods of time. Danni has used her Trabasack both at home and out and about, strapping it round her waist securely when out in her wheelchair. She comments on how spacious the bag area of the Trabasack and how it was able to hold all her daily essentials. As well as using it for typing and her tablet computer, she also uses her Trabasack for food and highlights the fact that because the Trabasack is so lightweight, she can manage it without support and in turn increases her independence. Danni comments on the ‘cool’ design of the Trabasack, setting it apart from traditional disability products and has even customised her to include her love of penguins.

Another great point covered in Danni’s review is her feedback regarding our customer service. We’re touched to read how Danni talks about @trabasack on Twitter and are really pleased that our customer service is considered top rate by one of our valued customers.

Thanks Danni for the wonderful review and we hope you continue to enjoy your Trabasack.

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