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Mountain Trike Creator Tim Morgan on BBC Dragon’s Den

Tim takes on the Dragons!

Tim Morgan and his invention - The Mountain Trike

Tim Morgan and his invention – The Mountain Trike

Late last week we popped-on our TV with anticipatory excitement to watch the fantastic Tim Morgan brave the Dragon’s Den on BBC Two, in a bid to gain investment towards his innovative Mountain Trike invention.

Although understandably somewhat nervous, Tim did an amazing job of pitching to the Dragons, presenting a solid and informative speech, whilst also coming across as incredibly likeable (which he genuinely is ;-)).

Skip to the end to get Tim’s take on the Dragon’s Den experience and why he’s happy with the result.

Mountain Trike on Dragons Den Video


The All Terrain Wheelchair Invention – Mountain Trike

Tim’s Mountain Trike creation is an innovative, UK-patented and designed manual wheelchair that is not only lightweight, and extremely easy to manoeuvre, but also engineered so that it is durable and steady enough to take on the roughest of terrains, making it ideal for travelling over all types of ground.

Image of The Mountain Trike - all terrain manual wheelchair - in black and green.

The Mountain Trike has a sporty and fun design, and allows you to travel across all types of terrain

The Mountain Trike includes a plethora of technical features to ensure the user is comfortable and steady whilst out and about. The wheelchair uses drive levers to propel it forwards, which help to amplify the effort the user puts in, whilst also keeping hands clean – brilliant for muddy woodland and sandy beaches.

The gearing system and large front wheels provide the correct speed and traction for both flat ground and uphill climbs, and allow the user to ride up and over curbs and obstacles with ease.

Comfort was also a important issue when Tim created the Mountain Trike, and he has included a changeable base cushion and moulded back rest into the design, to help ensure a relaxed and secure comfortable position whether you are moving around the home or taking a trip up a steep hillside.

What did the Dragons think?

All of the  much-revered entrepreneurs were highly impressed by Tim’s creation and the delivery of his pitch, however in spite of this Tim didn’t quite manage to win investment as the greedy Dragons wanted much more of the fast growing business than Tim and his partners had agreed to part with. However, we know that Tim has big plans for his outstanding and inclusive Mountain Trike, and wish him every success in taking the wheelchair out a wider audience. The publicity from the show will help wheelchair users across the country know about the off road possibilities that they can enjoy using the trike.

Image of the Kandu Group logo in black and turquoise

Follow Me on Pinterest The Kandu Group is a collective of 8 disability entrepreneurs have come together to help launch and promote disability products and services.

Tim Morgan and the Mountain Trike company are members of the Kandu Group – a selection of disability entrepreneurs who have formed a collective to help launch and promote disability products and services. The Trabasack and Equipped For life team have proudly exhibited the Mountain Trike with Tim and the team on a number of occasions, most recently at the Mobility Roadshow in June, and know that he and his multiple-award-winning invention are due to accomplish further success, whilst also helping to change the lives of those with disabilities on a daily basis.

Why I said No to the Dragons – Tim Talks Back

Since saying no to Deborah Meaden’s offer in the Den Tim has explained exactly why he made that decision. His confidence in his decision probably shocked many viewers but we’re more interested in his decision and why it ended up the way it did.

Tim describes his experience in the den as ‘pretty intense’ to local press but also explained that he felt confident and felt his pitch went well, thanks to positive comments from the Dragons. As is often the way on the popular show the company valuation was the problem.

Tim demonstrating the Mountain Trike

Tim demonstrating the Mountain Trike

Tim’s experience, understanding and supportive team were enough for him to realise the product has serious potential beyond what the Dragons were able to offer – at least in terms of % value for their cash.

Users of the trikes are also play a key role in Tim’s product development. Feedback from a user living with MS has told the Mountain Trike team that the trike has allowed him to return to outdoor life with his sons and the military rehabilitation unit in Headley Court in Surrey also has five trikes to help with rehabilitation. Injured soldiers from many conflicts included Afghanistan have become Mountain Trike customers.

As before we really do wish Mountain Trike and Tim all the possible success and are convinced they’ll continue to go from strength to strength.

Click here to visit the Mountain Trike website.

Hydrate for Health wins Queens Award for Enterprise – Innovation

An image of Mark Moran next to his Hydrant drinks bottle

Mark Moran and his Queen’s Award-winning drinks system – The Hydrant

The most revolutionary of inventions often involve simply improving on pre-existing products for the ease and convenience of the consumer. One such new innovation is garnering praise not only in commercial terms, but more importantly from the users for whom it was designed. Inventor Mark Moran proudly attributes his invention’s crowning glory to the fact that it “Simply helps lots and lots of people on a daily basis to remain independent and dignified, making life easier and helps keep them out of hospital”.

The Hydrant is an innovative new drinking system designed to give those with limited mobility a way to increase independence and reduce the chance of dehydration by being able to drink whenever they want to without assistance.

The Hydrant is a drinks bottle with a unique handle/lid/clipping system with a drinking tube and bite valve attached. The bottle can be hung from a wheelchair or bed and allows the user to simply drink from the tube without having to hold the bottle.

Not only has The Hydrant wowed during its trials in NHS settings, but we’re pleased to announce that Mark’s

A blue and white logo for Queen's Award for Enterprise, which shows a solid blue crown floating above a lowercase 'e' with wings.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are for outstanding achievement by UK businesses.

Bristol based ‘Hydrate for Health Ltd’ has recently received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in innovation, the highest accolade that can be awarded for business success in the UK.

These awards specifically celebrate those who have achieved great feats in not only innovation, but trade as a whole. Decisions on finalists are made by a judging panel who deliberate to ensure only the most worthy are granted this highly respected award. On the 21st of April each year the winners are announced, and receive a grant of appointment, a presentational item and finally, an invitation from the Queen herself to visit Buckingham Palace.

Although prestigious awards such as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise are important to innovators and inverters, the most important praise ultimately comes from those who utilise the product. Fans of the Hydrant have turned out in droves to praise the effect it has had on the well being of themselves or loved ones.

“I received my drinking cup … I must say I cried because 13 years I have waited to be able to drink independently again. I honestly want to personal thank you from the bottom of my heart so few words for just a big thing in my life. Thank you and God bless.” Meg Spence

The Hydrant is quite rightly due to be a permanent fixture in every healthcare setting, and we send our congratulations to Mark for winning such an honourable award.

Hydrate for Health Competition

To support MS Awareness Week, and their recent Queens Award for Enterprise Innovation, Hydrate for Health is offering a free Hydrant to the first 100 people to contact them. To apply simply email –

The Hydrant is designed to help people with limited mobility to drink whenever they want to without assistance. It is making a huge difference to many people’s lives, particularly those with MS. It quite simply prevents dehydration by solving the problem of reaching, lifting, or holding drinks.

To see what people are saying about The Hydrant click here for testimonials or watch the video here:

To buy a Hydrant water bottle visit the webstore

Move Over Optimus Prime – MediCop the Transformer made of Stairlifts!

Since the Transformers children’s cartoon first hit the screens in the early 1980s, the young and old alike have been fascinated by the fantasy world and robots created by American toy firm Hasbro. The basis of the tale is as old as time; good (Autobots) and evil (Decepticons) battling against one another in an epic quest to ensure the future of humanity (or the future of robot-life, as it were) – however, what really captured the imagination of the youth of the 1980s (and beyond) was the Transformers ability to, well, transform!

Photo showing the early construction stage of the Medicop robot costume Follow Me on Pinterest



These “Robots in Disguise” could transform on a whim, into a plethora of crazy and rather useful mechanical gadgets; from race cars and trucks, to C90 tape recorders (a rather antiquated concept for modern viewers!) – there has always been a curiosity to the show’s concept that appeals to those with dreams to one day transform themselves into something that is ultimately more powerful than their original self.

Rise of the Robots (er..on the Stairlifts)

Therefore, it will come as little surprise that brothers Jo and Oly Betteley of Southern Mobility took inspiration from the classic Transfomers cartoon for the latest promotional concept for their clothing line “Shattered Industries”. The Betteley brothers have been working enthusiastically to create their very own Transformer – “MediCop – Defender of the Aged”, constructed entirely from components of various types of mobility products, mainly otherwise-redundant disused MediTek stairlifts.

Photo of the finished Medicop robot costume Follow Me on Pinterest Jo and Oly chose to create their homage to Transformers as it would be instantly recognisable and easy to associate with, a novel idea that could incorporate their business interests in both their clothing line and their work for Southern Mobility; making great use of MediTek’s versatile stairlift parts that provide robust and easy-to-dismantle components perfect for creating a unique robot superhero costume!

We think it is pretty amazing. More images can be seen here.

If you are getting nostalgic about the old Transformers stuff have a look here


There is also a similar story about a man who made a Dalek from a wheelchair.

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