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User-Centred Design and Wheelchair Hacks Top the Curriculum at NuVu

NuVu Wheelchair Lap Tray Team

NuVu Wheelchair Lap Tray Team

Creating a Wheelchair Tray

Described as an ‘Innovation Center for Young Minds’ NuVu offers education with a distance and students at this unique learning centre have been in the news thanks to their focus on user-centred design in some of their latest projects.

Based in Cambridge Massachusetts the students at NuVu were given a project focusing on the needs of their classmate, wheelchair user Mohammed Sayed. After a crash course in user-centred design and design for all principles the students had one task: hack Mohammed’s wheelchair to make it more user-friendly.

Students got to hear what Mohammed wanted from his wheelchair, with over 50 different wish list items considered, and in the end it was just two that were brought forward, conceptualised by his classmates and then prototyped to a condition in which Mohammed could test drive them.


Solving the Need for Speed


Vertical Handle for Propelling a Wheelchair

One of the ideas which reached the test driving stage was put together by a group who focused on Mohammed’s need for speed. An innovative gear and lever system, which locks onto one of the wheels of the chair (pictured) was the end result. By pushing the vertical handle forward, the chair too was propelled forward thus saving energy and effort which comes from the need to manually turn the wheels by hand. The lever itself was constructed using innovative 3D printing software and technology.

Wheelchair Lap Tray (Where have we heard that before?)

The second of the inventions piqued our interest as Mohammed told his colleagues he’d always wanted a handy place for his cup and his computer but hadn’t been able to find a suitable attachment to his wheelchair online. Fellow students designed a wooden wheelchair computer tray which slides into place over the arm rests of the chair.

NuVu Wheelchair Lap Tray Design

NuVu Wheelchair Lap Tray Design

The tray has been described as much like an aeroplane tray but it’s hinged with an opening within where space has been created to store an iPad, a book and conveniently, hand sanitiser. The pieces are designed to snap together and apart with ease.

The work of the students at NuVu is commendable, seeing any institute focus closely on universal design principles and ideas which can suit people with a range of needs is a real positive. However, the creations of the students are of course not available for general sale and can’t be enjoyed by other wheelchair users – they were designed as a class project. Instead, a viable alternative, at least for the lap tray, is our Trabasack Mini. Providing the same functionality as the NuVu students’ tray, you benefit from a tray and a secure bag in a single unit, which you can keep on your lap or hang from your chair when not in use. The universal design means it isn’t solely designed for wheelchair use so anybody can enjoy one.

We’d like to congratulate the innovative thinking and design ability of the students at NuVu and with talent like this, there is hope for even more user-centred design products in the future.

Find out more here


Trabasacks providing Access to the High Street

Trailblazers logo

Trailblazers Campaign Logo

Many high streets across the country are still not providing ample access and movability for wheelchair users – despite having had the Disability Discrimination Act and Equality Act now for 19 years. The Short-Changed Report, recently published by the Trailblazers Young Campaigners’ Network, suggests many young wheelchair users find access to the high street difficult.

Between narrow walkways in many high street shops (though reportedly more common throughout independent stores) and tables that are too low for a wheelchair to comfortably rest under, it appears some businesses have not considered disability access at all. But the Trabasack can make life easier, and work towards eliminating the worries that can often come with something as simple as enjoying a meal with friends.

Trabasack for the High Street

The Trabasack is a unique and multi-functional lap tray and wheelchair bag. Designed by a wheelchair user, disability access and ease of movement were considered at every stage of the development. Ideal for travel, shopping or even as a space to place your shopping list, this ergonomic design is ideal for various situations and can be used on a daily basis. The tray is lightweight and easily wiped clean, and is curved to fit your body comfortably in a sitting position. A bean-bag style cushion rests between your lap and the Trabasack, with a zip-up bag in the middle to keep your belongings safe and secure.

By strapping the Trabasack to yourself in its comfortable, lap tray style, you eliminate bags being hung from the side of your wheelchair, which can make it difficult to manoeuvre through narrow walkways and crowds of people. The zip-up bag compartment underneath the Trabasack tray can also be used to store items such as your phone, purse and any extras that you carry around with you, keeping them safely in front of you so that you know where they are at all times.

Trabasack as a Dining Tray


Trabasaxon Alan using his Trabasack as a tray when faced with inaccessible buffet tables at a hotel.

A common problem in restaurants is that the tables are too low to sit comfortably using a wheelchair, because the wheelchair simply won’t fit underneath. An easy way to combat this is to bring your Trabasack along to dinner. By strapping it to your waist you provide yourself with a handy and sturdy table, making any restaurant available to you, without having to worry about the height of their tables. Additionally, using the non-slip mat leaves you safe in the knowledge that glasses and bowls aren’t going to move when you do.

The Trabasack can be a life-changing addition to any wheelchair user’s life, providing you with a bag and a table wherever you may need one. Our products are designed to make life more accessible and our full range is expanding and developing regularly to include more products designed for all.

Check out this video which shows off exactly what benefits you can get from your Trabasack:


To purchase a trabasack visit our website to see the options available

Trabasack’s Winter Warmer

Trabasack’s Winter Warmer

Trabasaxon Alan Thomas getting into the xmas spirit with an elf.

Trabasaxon Alan Thomas getting into the xmas spirit with an elf.

As winter is upon us and Christmas is literally just around the corner, it’s probably time to start making preparations for the holidays and thinking about gifts and ideas for keeping warm. We have created a handy round up of the best gadgets available:

Tips for Keeping Warm this winter

Staying warm in winter is getting more difficult. Energy prices are known to be rising and rising beyond the cost of living and therefore we need to be craftier with our ways and means of keeping warm. We’ve also found a few gadgets which could mean you can keep the heating switched off for longer and save some more cash.
First things to keep in mind are your clothes. Rather than sticking a jumper on it works better if you wear several separate thin layers and where possible choose clothes made of wool, cotton or fleecy fabrics instead of synthetics.
Another thing to keep in mind is that you can generate heat through the foods you eat. Stock up on the carbs over the winter and eat as many hot meals as possible and your body will thank you for it! Below are some gadgets that could make a real difference to keeping warm during the coldest times.

Hand Warmers

Owl Hand Warmer

These nifty little products can be popped inside gloves for extra warmth or simply held when you’re sitting at home to keep you warmed up. Gel Hand Warmers come in many styles and gives you 45 minutes of extra warmth.

Microwaveable Plush Warmers

These come in a range of different styles and types – soft toys are the most common and they can come in almost every animal you can imagine. Microwaveable plush warmers can be placed in the microwave and are filled with grains which warm up and help keep you warm. They’re the perfect alternative to a hot water bottle and are considered much safer. The owl one is perfect for keeping you hands hoot! (boom tish!)

USB Thermal Blankets

USB heated blanket

What could be better? A heated blanket that’s powered simply through a USB cable. You can keep your lap and legs warm with a USB thermal blanket that won’t cost anywhere near as much as keeping your central heating switched on. You could even pop your blanket under your Trabasack and work that way. Ideal for a bit of extra warmth when tweeting in bed or a in draughty office.

Battery Powered Socks

Keeping your extremities warm can be key to maintaining a comfortable body temperature. Battery Heated Socks are as simple to wear any other socks and the battery compartment is well concealed so it doesn’t look completely out of place.

Hear Muffs

Hear muffs

Hear Muffs combine the warmth you need as well as being able to listen to your favourite music, podcasts or the radio. Keeping your ears warm will help in keeping your whole body temperature moderated.

Footwear Dryer

With this gadget you’ll be able to avoid the old method of stuffing shoes with newspaper when they’re soaked through. A Footwear Warmer will ensure shoes don’t shrink and are kept in shape. It can also be used to warm them up before go out.

Some of these gadgets could keep you extra warm and help you keep your heating bills down without risking your health.Whether you go and visit relatives or have the whole family around your house, you will soon realise how your Trabasack can make the whole Christmas period much more smooth and less hectic or difficult, not to mention warmer!

Trabasack the Winter Warmer

Let’s think ahead to Christmas and how your Trabasack will become your best friend. When visiting relatives you don’t have to worry about sitting away from the family or friends because your chair doesn’t fit under the dining table, just pull out your Trabasack and eat your dinner in the company of others without feeling too far from the table, out on a limb or uncomfortable.

With your Trabasack you can bag the TV remote and keep it safe from those who might be fixated on the soaps.

Your Trabasack is also a great place to store handy essentials when visiting relatives and also a great place to stuff all your Christmas cracker prizes (because you really needed ANOTHER miniature sewing kit)!

Hide the hot water bottle and flask inside, tea or something stronger.

Your Trabasack is also a great source of warmth over the winter period and it really does become your own portable winter warmer. Many people say that the beanbag being on their lap helps to keep their legs warm in the cold. You can even go one step further and pop a hot water bottle inside and keep extra warm whilst you’re out and about. Or why not include a hot flask of warm tea or soup, so you can enjoy a comforting hot drink when you’re out Christmas shopping without having to join the endless queues in one of the coffee shops! Send us a pic of you doing just that for a free T-shirt!

Of course, the final and most important winter function of a Trabasack is as a present for others. I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t be pleased with their very own portable lap tray and bag and if you’re already an owner you probably have a list of friends who have already admired yours!

Recommended by SIA magazine contributers

Trabasack was featured in the ‘Gadgets, Gizmos and Bright ideas section’ of the December 2011 issue of Forward “for thinking people with spinal cord injury“. Under the title ‘Innovative ideas contributed by SIA members’ It reads:

Descripition of trabasack lap tray and wheelchair tray by SIA members Follow Me on Pinterest


Trabasack is a stylish bag that is also a very practical laptray. Designed by Clare Edwards (c5/6) who was fed up with being unable to get to a table for food and drink, it is now selling worldwide was being championed by some SIA members at the recent AGM! It has a small light weight beanbag cushion inside it so that it rests comfortably on the lap and a firm tray surface for food, drinks, gadgets or laptops.


Clare has made it easy to use by including ring pull zips, grab handles and a range of strap options for carrying or keeping it attached on your lap as you move around. Having won design and style awards, and being a fairly low cost item, it makes a really useful xmas gift.

Trabasack was also recommended by the Christopher Reeve Foundation in their Xmas gift guide so is highly regarded.  So if you are looking for the perfect gift idea, why not give them a great gift and get them a winter warming Trabasack?

Cinema Tray Solution for Wheelchair Users

A handy tray for cinema trips

There is no reason why the many wheelchair users across the world can’t access cinema screenings as almost every cinema is wheelchair accessible these days. With specific spaces for wheelchair users, you can enjoy the cinema whenever you like but there remains one problem, where to put your popcorn?

Obviously the wheelchair specific places don’t come with the luxury of a cup holder so it can be difficult to juggle your snacks and your drink but you need not worry. With a Trabasack you’ve got a portable tray which can hold your drinks, snack and any other things you may deem necessary for your cinema trip.

Follow Me on Pinterest

You need a Trabasack for your cinema trips

Trabasack have invented a fantastic lap tray which can easily be used as a cinema tray and it doubles up as a handy bag to carry all your necessities around in. There are three different models: the Curve, the Mini and the Max.

The Trabasack Curve is the perfect cinema tray Follow Me on Pinterest

The Curve is designed to fit the contours of your body and is universally designed for all chairs. It’s extremely spacious inside so you can easily carry whatever you need whilst utilising it as a fantastic tray. The tray surface comes with a standard PVC cover or you can opt for the Connect surface which is soft and spongy and utilises Velcro technology. This means you can stick things to your Trabasack and know they’ll stay in place. When not in use you can just hang your Trabasack over the back of your chair and forget about it.

The Mini, as is obvious by its name, is super slim and super small. It can also be equipped with the Connect surface if you so desire or you can stick the basic model.

The Max is the biggest and smartest of them all, a luxury lap desk, that will hold all those cinema treats!

So, if you want an easy way of munching your popcorn and slurping your soda without having to juggle, get yourself a Trabasack and enjoy an authentic cinema experience.

Check out our product range here:




iPad Mount for Wheelchairs – Options from Trabasack

iPad Mount for Wheelchairs –  – Options from Trabasack

iPad Mounting Options from Trabasack

Finding the correct iPad Mount for wheelchairs can be difficult. The benefits of iPad use are many and well documented and so more and more wheelchair users are using iPads on a daily basis. Without the right mount, using the device can be difficult. At Trabasack we have two iPad mounting options.

Using the Connect Surface as an iPad Mount

Trabasack Connect iPad Mount for Wheelchairs

Follow Me on Pinterest Utilise the Trabasack Connect surface to secure any device

The innovative Connect Surface available from Trabasack provides the perfect base for your iPad Mount. It allows you to lay your iPad flat on the Trabasack tray surface and attach it to the tray using Trabasack Hook Tape. The Connect surface is Velcro receptive and the great value Trabasack hook tapes are the perfect choice. Attaching your iPad to your tray surface could not be easier simply:

1. Attach the hook tapes to the back of your iPad

2. Position your iPad on your Trabasack lap tray wherever is best for you

3. You’re ready to and it’s securely attached to your tray surface.

The hook tape keeps your iPad completely secure so if you’re out and about and happen to go over any bumps or up and down any hills, you can be sure your iPad will stay safe.

Using the Media Mount as an iPad Mount

Trabasack Media Mount - iPad Mount for Wheelchairs

Follow Me on Pinterest Trabasack + Media Mount securing an iPad

Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of attaching tape to the back of your iPad, you can use the new Trabasack Media Mount. The Media Mount is a multipurpose mounting device designed with iPads in mind. It can safely wrap around your iPad and attach to the Connect surface. It holds the iPad at whatever angle is best for you. You could also lay your iPad flat and use the Media Mount to provide a barrier around the edge to stop it from falling off.

There is no reason you can’t use your iPad when out and about but without the correct mount, it can be a worry. It’s an expensive piece of kit that you want to protect and making sure it is safe is obviously always on your mind. With a Trabasack and in some cases a Media Mount you can be sure your iPad is safe and accessible. Also, when you’re not using it, you can put it in the bag space for safe keeping. Finding the right iPad Mount for Wheelchairs doesn’t need to be difficult, try Trabasack.


Click to buy your Trabasack and Media Mount on our secure shop.

Trabasack – one of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market

Trabasack Lap Tray and Bag – one of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market

Follow Me on Pinterest Trabasack Mini in use as a lap tray

When you’re a manual wheelchair user there are many considerations you have to take when considering accessories for your chair. One of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market is definitely the Trabasack Lap Tray and Bag because of its multifunctional usage and its many features which make it a great product for manual wheelchair users.
When looking for a lap tray and bag for your manual wheelchair there are many things you take into consideration, most notably:
Weight – you need an item which is lightweight and manageable so you can comfortably move around without difficulty or with anything obscuring your line of sight.
Look – the design and style of your bag and/or tray is a key factor when you choose it. Like any other item, you want your lap tray and/or bag to look good and fit in with your personal style. Trabasack won a Style Award at Naidex 2011.
Functionality – you want your lap tray and/or bag to do everything you expect without causing you any stress or difficulty.

Why Trabasack is amongst the best manual wheelchair accessories around.

Follow Me on Pinterest A Trabasack Curve in use as a rucksack

With Trabasack all these needs are met and more. Whereas you may have been considering a separate lap tray and bag, with Trabasack you need just the one great value item. Trabasack is extremely lightweight and designed for comfort and style. The Trabasack Curve is designed to fit the contours of your body and is fitted with a levelling beanbag which sits comfortably on your knee. When not in use, you can simply hang it on the back of your chair with no trouble at all. Another great feature of the Trabasack Curve Connect is the different colour choices available, so you can pick a bag with a trim to suit your particular style for example orange or blue. Trabasack is a fantastically innovative creation which provides all you could need from a lap tray and bag without looking like a clunky clinical invention. There is no need for complicated connecting clamps or wooden surfaces; your Trabasack has its own fantastic tray surface which can hold a range of items from food to gadgets. It is everything you could need.
If you’re a manual wheelchair user, you need a Trabasack. It is one of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market due to its fantastic dual usage and its fashionable not functional appearance.

Buy a trabasack manual wheelchair tray now prices £34.95 – £44.95

HUGE Congratulations to Hydrant Inventor – Mark Moran

HUGE Congratulations to Hydrant Inventor – Mark Moran

£1 million NHS Contract for Hydrant Water Bottle

Hydrant Water Bottle Inventor Mark Moran

Follow Me on Pinterest Inventor of the Hydrant – Mark Moran

At Wheelchair Lap Trays, we love to congratulate fellow inventors who work hard because of their passion for their idea. Today, we want to congratulate Mark Moran, the creator of the fantastic Hydrant. We met Mark at the BHTA award ceremony when Trabasack won a design award and we have kept in touch and used Hydrants in our family home ever since. The Hydrant is one of our favourite wheelchair accessories and now the product is now being used in hospitals, to help fight the problem of dehydration.

Mark has spent a long time developing the hydrant water bottle and it allows users to access drinks through a flexible tube. Using a clever valve, the flow of water can be controlled by the user and the water bottle can be clipped to a hospital bed or wheelchair. It was Mark’s experiences after an operation which led to his development of the Hydrant as he explains to the BBC in this short news report:


The product is already used by members of the public as well as a Headley Court, the Ministry of Defence’s rehab unit and Stoke Mandeville Hospital. It has even been sold via the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) as it supports breastfeeding and use in labour.

Hydrant Contract Secured

Hydrant Water Bottle on Bed

Follow Me on Pinterest Hydrant Water Bottle Attached to Bed Frame

As the news report explains, Mark has secured a huge contract to trial the Hydrant in 50 different NHS trusts. Tests show how successful it is in improving the health of those in hospital. The risks that come with developing dehydration include:

Urinary Tract Infection

Wound Infection

Renal Failure

Through product testing, Mark has found that access to Hydrant water bottles gave patients 100% reduction in UTIs and reduced the length of their stay in hospital by 20% too. Shocking statistics show that 2 deaths a day in the NHS are down to dehydration in some way, we strongly believe that Mark’s products can be used to help people and reduce the risks, and are so pleased that his hard work to highlight this issue has paid off.

Hydrant use actually reduces NHS costs

As well as the many benefits to health, Mark’s research has shown that the Hydrant can actually help reduce hospital costs, showing there are many reasons for the investment made in this simple little invention.

We’d like to wish Mark all the success in the world and congratulate him on making it to the next step in the fight against dehydration.

Follow this link, if you are interested in finding out more or buying a Hydrant Water Bottle. We love them and use them every day!

We even made our own little video for him!

Travels with Trabasack: why your Trabasack is an essential holiday accessory

Your Trabasack is an essential holiday accessory.

You can use Trabasack as a handy travel tray Follow Me on Pinterest

Your trabasack is a convenient tray for unknown cafes and restaurants as well as moneybelt style bumbag for your passport and valuables!

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or planning your first big holiday, your Trabasack is an essential holiday accessory that you would simply feel lost without. Your Trabasack lap tray and bag is a perfect holiday day bag and its multifunctional capacity makes it even more useful.

There are many reasons that make your Trabasack a great holiday accessory and here are just some of the most important ones:

Trabasack is a handy tray and bag for your travels on trains, planes and buses. We all know how difficult it can be trying to juggle books, phones and food whilst travelling and the flip-down tray tables never have enough space for everything you could need. Your Trabasack provides both a spacious bag compartment and a large steady tray surface which means you can comfortably relax with a book or magazine whilst travelling from A to B.

Trabasack is also fantastic for dining out. When abroad or even travelling in the UK you often come across the problem of tables at awkward heights. Getting yourself and your chair under the table can be difficult or the tables are sometimes too high to comfortably eat from. With your Trabasack you can eat your meal from the tray surface whilst sitting at the table with your fellow travellers! The bag compartment is also great for storing essential items, perhaps you have your knork or favourite cup and need them whilst you’re abroad for example.

Trabasack is fantastic for facilitating relaxation and fun! If you’re lounging by the side of the pool it’s great to be able to read or listen to music comfortably. With your Trabasack you have a level surface on which to keep your mp3 player or books or even enjoying your favourite crafting hobby!

One of the most important and useful functions of your Trabasack is safety. With your Trabasack safely strapped around your waist you

Enjoy your holidays with your indispensible Trabasack! Follow Me on Pinterest

can store all your money, passport and travel documents safely and have no fear that they’re going to get lost either in transit or whilst you’re out and about. You can keep the trabasack in front of you like a money belt or bumbag, whilst going through customs or in busy areas. Having a double, lockable zip, with large ring pulls, means that you can get to your valuables, easily without taking the trabasack off of your lap.

Trabasack is an indispensible holiday bag and I’m sure you’ll agree once you’re out and about enjoying your holidays without a care in the world!

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Things you can do from a Trabasack: Music

Things you can do from a Trabasack: Music

Follow Me on Pinterest Developed as a new feature for this blog, we’ve been thinking about the versatility of the Trabasack range and think many Trabasaxons out there may be missing out on getting the most from their Trabasack. Versatility and adaptability are core principles at the heart of the product design and we love to hear of new and innovative ways of using our products.

Music Making and your Trabasack

In this first instalment we’re looking about the all fantastic ways Trabasaxons have used their Trabasack to aid the enjoyment and making of music, starting of course with the fantastic Brett Domino and the now infamous Justin Timberlake Medley, that has had over 1,000,000 hits featuring none other than a Trabasack Mini and a Trabasack Connect as mounts for a range of different musical instruments.


Another Trabasaxon has shown their talents on the accessible music Skoog, as this video shows:

Using a Trabasack Curve with Connect surface, the Skoog is safely secured so the young musician can easily access and enjoy the instrument, making different sounds and thoroughly enjoying the music making process. As a safe and secure surface, the Trabasack Curve means any instrument or device can be safely enjoyed without any worries.

Mini Drums

This video shows another budding musician, using her Trabasack as a level surface for a novelty mini drum kit which she can access and play with no trouble.

Again you can see exactly how the Trabasack allows the user to easily access the instrument without having to strain or stretch and it looks like tons of fun.

If you’re a budding musician or even an internet superstar (like Brett Domino), the Trabasack can be a fantastic way of having access to your instrument without any difficulty. What’s more, if you need a support for holding your sheet music whilst practicing, why not consider using your Trabasack in conjunction with a new Trabasack Media Mount? Multipurpose and versatile you can position your music in place with the Media Mount and practice, a great alternative to forking out for a music stand you don’t have space for.

The range of things you can do from a Trabasack cannot be underestimated, we’re sure we only know of a small number of the many possibilities out there and are always keen to hear of new and exciting ways you use yours.



Seable: Accessible Active Holidays in Sicily

Seable logo , a blue wave over the words seable Follow Me on Pinterest

Finding  a good accessible for people with limited mobility or visual impairment holiday is not impossible but can be time consuming and worrying, especially outside of the UK. We previously profiled the excellent converted accessible accommodation in France, but if you are thinking of Italy, have you heard of new company Seable?

We were recently contacted by the company’s director, Damiano La Rocca. Damiano is launching a new social enterprise in the UK that has already been running successfully in Sicily for eight years. Their slogan is clear ‘Accessible Active Holidays’ in Sicily and their services are second to none to ensure you can experience the benefits of a fab holiday, with people who have an in depth knowledge of accessibility and visual impairment.

Experience Sicily as a Wheelchair User

Follow Me on Pinterest Seable work in association with the Sicilian charity LIFE (Life Improvement for Everyone) and with this in mind provide a whole host of accessible activities in Sicily with the customer firmly at the forefront of all their decisions. Every package is personally designed to ensure the individual in question is getting everything they want from their holiday and all the activities they want to experience can be achieved. Split into two clear sections, the Seable team cater for those with visual and physical impairments offering a range of exciting activities which you may not have been offered before including:

  • Scuba Diving Course – which has intensively designed with accessibility and inclusiveness in mind
  • Volcano Exploration – visit the world’s largest active volcano and dine in its volcanic area
  • Olive Oil Experience – make your own olive oil and learn more about the olive harvesting process
  • 4×4 Driving Experience – tailor made with those living with visual impairments in mind.

All these activities have a distinctly Italian feel so you can truly immerse yourself in the Sicilian culture and enjoy everything Seable have to offer. All packages include suitable accommodation, transport, trips and meals so you don’t need to worry about any additional costs. In addition to these key events there are also a range of accessible tours in the area if you wish to soak up the culture. This video from Seable shows their full package in greater deal and we think it’s seriously worth a go if you’re planning your summer break:

We hope to work with Seable to offer discounts and offers to trabasaxons. If you are interested please leave a comment or contact me on twitter @trabasack or by email duncan AT

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