A ‘carry anywhere’ wheelchair food tray

Why not use your Trabasack as a wheelchair food tray?


“Can be carried easily on the back of a chair. Just looks like a smart bag.” a trabasack wheelchair tray on the back of a manual wheelchair Follow Me on Pinterest

If you’re a wheelchair user then you there has probably been many occasions when you have had trouble finding a suitable table whilst out. You appreciate that you may not always be able to get your legs under a low table or find an accessible space to eat.

There are many times you might just want to stop for a snack or a hot drink but it becomes difficult in areas where there aren’t places where they have though about the needs of wheelchair users. With a Trabasack you won’t have to encounter this problem again!

What’s a Trabasack?

A Trabasack is a new design created by a wheelchair user. It is a versatile wheelchair lap tray which has the additional bonus of a bag to carry your possesions. A smart and practical new invention, Trabasack combines a handy travel bag with a bean bag lap tray which means you can eat on the go wherever you are with reaching or stretching over unsuitable tables.

Trabasack is extremely easy to carry, sleek and created to fit the contours of your waist. It is adaptable with a choice of straps so that it fits to you rather that your chair. So because all wheelchairs are so different and you don’t need to worry about it being unsuitable with your particular chair.

Whenever you’re out and about and you fancy a drink or a sandwich, you can simply stop and conveniently use your lap tray to have your lunch or snack, no need to worry about finding a picnic area or food court. It’s a really great accessory for modern living.

Highly Recommended Lap Tray

Creator of Trabasack in Harrods food hall with a glass of champagne

Follow Me on Pinterest You never know where you will need one, this is Harrods Foodhall!

Trabasack has received great reviews across the Internet, on many personal blogs of users and the parents of users as well as more recently on Amazon. There are some extremely positive reviews on Amazon describing the Trabasack as both “the best invention ever” that one user doesn’t “go anywhere without it.” These are truly testaments to the quality of the Trabasack and how it really becomes an essential piece of kit for many of its users.

Next time you fancy a snack or perhaps a beer in a busy pub, don’t worry about finding a table, just whip out your Trabasack and you’ve got a portable table or wheelchair food tray wherever you go.


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Using Your Trabasack As A Wheelchair Food Tray

Using Your Trabasack As A Wheelchair Food Tray

As a wheelchair user you are probably more than aware of the problem of eating when out and about. In restaurants, pubs and cafes it can be very difficult to find an accessible table or surface that you can close enough to to eat from. It isn’t easy to eat without a level surface to rest things on. Unfortunately many pubs, cafes and eating places forget that at least one table should be slightly higher to make it easy for a wheelchair and powerchair user to get right underneath.

trabasack in Ireland being used at a restuarant table Follow Me on Pinterest


There are many occasions when wheelchair users find it hard to find a comfortable eating place:

  1. No tables available
  2. The tables that are available are inaccessible (too low/high or legs in the wrong places)
  3. The only available tables are upstairs and there’s no lift.
  4. The only free table is at the back of a crowded restaurant and you don’t fancy battling through!

Solve these problems with a Trabasack wheelchair food tray

These common problems are encountered daily all over the world by wheelchair users  but they can be solved simply with the aid of a Trabasack. Trabasack was designed by a wheelchair user (Clare Edwards, as pictured) and has won many awards for it’s stylish design and functional ‘Design-for-all’ concept. Used as a wheelchair food tray it is a great way dining out conveniently and comfortably, so that you can get on with life, despite the negligence of cafe and restaurant owners who should provide better access!

With a Trabasack food tray comfortably eat or drink from your tray on your lap without having to worry about finding a table or fitting under a table with your friends or family. You can be attend social events without the worry that you will not be able to reach or get under a suitable table.  You are able to attend and eat your meal or enjoy your drinks from the stylish, ease of your Trabasack food tray.

Previous to using your Trabasack, the danger of scalds and burns was much higher as drinking a hot coffee or eating a hot meal without a proper surface to rest it on is extremely dangerous but by using your Trabasack, you can rest your drink or food as and when you need to. It has a small bean bag inside it that makes it level and stable on your lap as well a purpose designed PVC tray top surface for food and hot drinks. It can also be carried and used as bag. There is room inside the bag space for preferred cups, water bottle, cutlery or splints – anything that you like to carry to make eating out easier.

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Trabasack is highly recommended by many other wheelchair users and described as the “best invention ever” by one reviewer on Amazon. It’s a fantastic innovation which has really added an extra ease to many people’s lives and makes things a lot simpler whilst out and about. Blogger Markinsutton says the only regret he has regarding his Trabasack is that he didn’t buy one sooner! When trabasack creator Clare Edwards forgot her trabasack at a pinic table and mentioned it on twitter, Mark immediately tweeted:









@ never leave home without my Trabasack
Mark Mayer

Using your Trabasack as an innovative wheelchair food tray is a great way of eating out socially or eating whilst on to go.

The Wonderfully Versatile Knork

The wonderfully versatile knork – the perfect eating utensil

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Have you heard of knorks? Up until recently I hadn’t but in fact it’s a piece of cutlery that’s existed for over two hundred years! Famous users included Horatio Nelson and the children author Roald Dahl’s father who used preliminary forms of the modern knork.

The modern knork is a stylish and innovative piece of equipment which can really help you if you only have the use of one arm or you have limited dexterity. It combines the cutting capability of a knife with the spearing capabilities of a fork, hence the name knork. The modern knork came into being when its inventor Mike Miller was trying to come up with an easier way of eating pizza!

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Now there are a huge range of knorks and whole cutlery sets available. In 2004, Knork Flatware was developed and this range includes a steak/butter knife, one for salad, a tablespoon and a teaspoon. All the range  is designed with comfort and safety in mind. The Knork range really does just keep on growing. You can also get one with a contoured foam handle (pictured) which can be even more helpful if you have dexterity problems as it fits snugly into the palm of your hand.

The knork is usable by both left and right handed people and is extremely safe to use without either a sharp or serrated edge. In fact, it is near impossible to cut yourself with a knork. The knork’s “knife-edge” isn’t sharp but can comfortably and safely cut through most foods when used in a rocking motion. It’s not difficult to master and becomes second nature after awhile!

Dining with a Knork

Knorks are great if you just want to use one hand or have poor grip or limited dexterity, they’re fantastic for camping and travel and they’re also wonderfully convenient if you’re going on a family picnic!

The knork is truly an ingenious invention and as the range grows and expands it seems there will soon be a knork for every occasion!

A knork is a knife and a fork when space is limited, it looks like an ordinary fork rather than a special piece of cutlery. The rocking motion when you put the knork on it’s side is the clever part. It ‘cuts’ food without any danger or hurting your mouth when you use it. A genius invention that fits nicely inside a trabasack for ‘al fresco’ dining, take one wherever you go.

Wheelchair Dining at Picnic Tables

Summer is here and we are glad to be getting out more. We like to visit National Trust properties and historic houses with attractive gardens. This gives us a chance to relax but also allows our son Victor to have a run around expend some energy.

A common problem that we experience at places like these is getting into a busy restaurant with enough space to move. Often although they are big enough with no one inside them, once it gets busy you have got no chance with a wheelchair and a buggy! Unless you grin and bear it and ask virtually everyone to move, with lots of huffing, puffing, chair scraping with everyone else looking around, apologies and often exaggerated ‘getting out of the way’ manouvres by other well meaning members of the public. To avoid all this and because we try and make the most of the good weather anyway, we will decide to sit outside.

Eating ‘al fresco’ usually means there is lots more space to move around but doesn’t always solve the problem of having an accessible table to eat from. The usual solution in public places is big picnic tables that do not do anything for wheelchair access.

Picnic table Follow Me on Pinterest









Wheelchair users cannot sit on the bench and people with reduced mobility also struggle to get onto and off of these style of tables. So despite their common use they are far from ideal. The only alternative is to sit at either end of the table. But being there you cannot reach the top of the bench to eat or drink from. This is where the trabasack is again a vital and useful travel accessory. It comes into its own in situation like this. With a trabasack you always have a level surface to eat or drink from wherever you are. In the picture below you can see Clare eating from a picnic bench using her trabasack Mini. She always carries one and so in situations where there are only park benches or picnic tables like the one shown she can still eat from an accessible surface.

Clare with Trabasack Mini at Picnic benc Follow Me on Pinterest

The Mini is lightweight and can easily be brought round to the lap from the back of a chair. It has a small beanbag in pocket on the underside so that it sits comfortably and levels on your lap. The upper tray top is an easy wipe clean PVC so it is hygenic for food use. As can be seen, you can rest plates and bowls onto it to eat from. Being small, black and because it looks like an ordinary bag, it is inconspicuous so you can feel relaxed using it.


The Trabasack Mini or Curve can be taken anywhere and give you the opportunity to sit around an inaccessible table and eat with everyone else.

Also the bag space can be used to keep cups, mugs, or anything that makes eating and drinking easier. Clare uses it to hold a china mug with a good handle, a knork and sometimes a straw or two, as well as her phone, purse keys and other items. Trabasack is a unique product being a smart, attractive laptray or wheelchair tray and a bag in one, that makes wheelchair dining at picnic tables easy!


Clare with a Trabasack as an accessible picnic tray Follow Me on Pinterest


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