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Trabasacks providing Access to the High Street

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Many high streets across the country are still not providing ample access and movability for wheelchair users – despite having had the Disability Discrimination Act and Equality Act now for 19 years. The Short-Changed Report, recently published by the Trailblazers Young Campaigners’ Network, suggests many young wheelchair users find access to the high street difficult.

Between narrow walkways in many high street shops (though reportedly more common throughout independent stores) and tables that are too low for a wheelchair to comfortably rest under, it appears some businesses have not considered disability access at all. But the Trabasack can make life easier, and work towards eliminating the worries that can often come with something as simple as enjoying a meal with friends.

Trabasack for the High Street

The Trabasack is a unique and multi-functional lap tray and wheelchair bag. Designed by a wheelchair user, disability access and ease of movement were considered at every stage of the development. Ideal for travel, shopping or even as a space to place your shopping list, this ergonomic design is ideal for various situations and can be used on a daily basis. The tray is lightweight and easily wiped clean, and is curved to fit your body comfortably in a sitting position. A bean-bag style cushion rests between your lap and the Trabasack, with a zip-up bag in the middle to keep your belongings safe and secure.

By strapping the Trabasack to yourself in its comfortable, lap tray style, you eliminate bags being hung from the side of your wheelchair, which can make it difficult to manoeuvre through narrow walkways and crowds of people. The zip-up bag compartment underneath the Trabasack tray can also be used to store items such as your phone, purse and any extras that you carry around with you, keeping them safely in front of you so that you know where they are at all times.

Trabasack as a Dining Tray


Trabasaxon Alan using his Trabasack as a tray when faced with inaccessible buffet tables at a hotel.

A common problem in restaurants is that the tables are too low to sit comfortably using a wheelchair, because the wheelchair simply won’t fit underneath. An easy way to combat this is to bring your Trabasack along to dinner. By strapping it to your waist you provide yourself with a handy and sturdy table, making any restaurant available to you, without having to worry about the height of their tables. Additionally, using the non-slip mat leaves you safe in the knowledge that glasses and bowls aren’t going to move when you do.

The Trabasack can be a life-changing addition to any wheelchair user’s life, providing you with a bag and a table wherever you may need one. Our products are designed to make life more accessible and our full range is expanding and developing regularly to include more products designed for all.

Check out this video which shows off exactly what benefits you can get from your Trabasack:


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Cinema Tray Solution for Wheelchair Users

A handy tray for cinema trips

There is no reason why the many wheelchair users across the world can’t access cinema screenings as almost every cinema is wheelchair accessible these days. With specific spaces for wheelchair users, you can enjoy the cinema whenever you like but there remains one problem, where to put your popcorn?

Obviously the wheelchair specific places don’t come with the luxury of a cup holder so it can be difficult to juggle your snacks and your drink but you need not worry. With a Trabasack you’ve got a portable tray which can hold your drinks, snack and any other things you may deem necessary for your cinema trip.

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You need a Trabasack for your cinema trips

Trabasack have invented a fantastic lap tray which can easily be used as a cinema tray and it doubles up as a handy bag to carry all your necessities around in. There are three different models: the Curve, the Mini and the Max.

The Trabasack Curve is the perfect cinema tray Follow Me on Pinterest

The Curve is designed to fit the contours of your body and is universally designed for all chairs. It’s extremely spacious inside so you can easily carry whatever you need whilst utilising it as a fantastic tray. The tray surface comes with a standard PVC cover or you can opt for the Connect surface which is soft and spongy and utilises Velcro technology. This means you can stick things to your Trabasack and know they’ll stay in place. When not in use you can just hang your Trabasack over the back of your chair and forget about it.

The Mini, as is obvious by its name, is super slim and super small. It can also be equipped with the Connect surface if you so desire or you can stick the basic model.

The Max is the biggest and smartest of them all, a luxury lap desk, that will hold all those cinema treats!

So, if you want an easy way of munching your popcorn and slurping your soda without having to juggle, get yourself a Trabasack and enjoy an authentic cinema experience.

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Using Trabasack as a safe and sterile medicine tray

Using Trabasack as a safe and sterile medicine tray

Use a bag for medical kit and as a safe clean preparation area for medicines. Follow Me on Pinterest

If you need to take medicines or use medical devices regularly, you will know the need for being organised and having everything at hand when you want it. When travelling or outside the home it can often be difficult to find a clean, firm surface for organising your meds. Public areas can be very unclean and finding a small personal space to work in can be awkward.

A bag and personal space for medical equipment

All your medicines need to be kept in a specific place (as described on the labelling) and you probably have a very personal system for keeping on top of it all. We at Trabasack believe our versatile lap tray and bag could make the whole process a lot easier. You can use Trabasack as a medicine tray and also utilise the bag compartment for storing all your medication and related paraphernalia.

Bag for disability equipment.

The bag compartment is ideal for storing medication and other equipment. Use it for: Splints, disability equipment, pills, syringes or emergency meds. The Trabasack surface is both flat and can be wiped clean as well as being easily washed. If you need to keep special cutlery,  cups or water bottles, you can keep them handy inside. Catheters and other personal toileting equipment can be kept discretely in the zipped up pocket inside. You’re bound to feel much more comfortable, knowing that everything is easily at hand on your lap but also discretely out of view and securely zipped away.

Medicine tray.

Use the tray top to help you when you need to take your medicines.

The Trabasack tray surface is ideal for preparing medicines or perhaps any regular tests you may need to do for example diabetes blood sugar testing. The Trabasack surface is both level and can be wiped clean as well as being easily washing thoroughly in the washing machine when necessary. It’s also really useful to be safe in the knowledge that you have a clean level medicine tray for preparing your medication wherever you may be. Public places can be unsanitary but with trabasack you know you have your own personal and clean space to prepare your medicines.

The Trabasack bag compartment is also really useful for keeping in all your medical equipment, prescription information, notebooks for recording test results or dosages and anything else you might need. It’s also a great place to keep a clear and concise copy of your diagnoses in case of emergency so the right procedures can be followed, never hurts to be organised!

Trabasack has a huge array of uses and it is definitely a fantastic choice as a medicine tray and bag for storing all your medical equipment.

A ‘carry anywhere’ wheelchair food tray

Why not use your Trabasack as a wheelchair food tray?


“Can be carried easily on the back of a chair. Just looks like a smart bag.” a trabasack wheelchair tray on the back of a manual wheelchair Follow Me on Pinterest

If you’re a wheelchair user then you there has probably been many occasions when you have had trouble finding a suitable table whilst out. You appreciate that you may not always be able to get your legs under a low table or find an accessible space to eat.

There are many times you might just want to stop for a snack or a hot drink but it becomes difficult in areas where there aren’t places where they have though about the needs of wheelchair users. With a Trabasack you won’t have to encounter this problem again!

What’s a Trabasack?

A Trabasack is a new design created by a wheelchair user. It is a versatile wheelchair lap tray which has the additional bonus of a bag to carry your possesions. A smart and practical new invention, Trabasack combines a handy travel bag with a bean bag lap tray which means you can eat on the go wherever you are with reaching or stretching over unsuitable tables.

Trabasack is extremely easy to carry, sleek and created to fit the contours of your waist. It is adaptable with a choice of straps so that it fits to you rather that your chair. So because all wheelchairs are so different and you don’t need to worry about it being unsuitable with your particular chair.

Whenever you’re out and about and you fancy a drink or a sandwich, you can simply stop and conveniently use your lap tray to have your lunch or snack, no need to worry about finding a picnic area or food court. It’s a really great accessory for modern living.

Highly Recommended Lap Tray

Creator of Trabasack in Harrods food hall with a glass of champagne

Follow Me on Pinterest You never know where you will need one, this is Harrods Foodhall!

Trabasack has received great reviews across the Internet, on many personal blogs of users and the parents of users as well as more recently on Amazon. There are some extremely positive reviews on Amazon describing the Trabasack as both “the best invention ever” that one user doesn’t “go anywhere without it.” These are truly testaments to the quality of the Trabasack and how it really becomes an essential piece of kit for many of its users.

Next time you fancy a snack or perhaps a beer in a busy pub, don’t worry about finding a table, just whip out your Trabasack and you’ve got a portable table or wheelchair food tray wherever you go.


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Wheelchair gardening

Wheelchair Gardening ideas:

Use your Trabasack as a helpful gardening tray

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Wheelchair gardening is a hobby that can be enjoyed when you have a few handy tips and ideas from an expert. There is no reason you can’t successfully garden and enjoy your private sanctuary if you’re a wheelchair user. As Fred of shows, there are plenty of tools and accessories out there which can aid your gardening experience and mean you can easily and safely garden from your wheelchair.

Fred Walden is known as an expert tool tester and his site shows a huge range of tools being tested for quality, strength and usability. Part of his site is called gardening from a wheelchair. On it he debunks the usual ideas about raised beds that bring all the plants up to lap height and looks at ways that wheelchair gardening can be carried out in an ordinary garden. His ideas show how he uses telescopic gardening tools and other handy wheelchair accessories such as Trabasack. This is an alternative for the need for expensive landscaping and installing of raised beds and container planting.

From long handled cut and hold pruners to helping hand pick up tools, Fred assesses and reviews all sorts of gardening accessories which can make gardening much more fun and less of a chore. He also has great things to say about using your Trabasack as a gardening tool.

Why you need a Trabasack for gardening

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Fred describes Trabasack as his ‘latest “must have” accessory for a wheelchair user’ and explains that the Trabasack Curve has “plenty of space for working on plants” (pictured) and he considered its curved edge great as it ‘makes it more stable’. Above all, Fred rates the Trabasack’s storage space as it zips open and you can use it for storage as well as a handy tray surface. Perhaps using the bag space for gloves, smaller tools, or seeds, string or a pencil and plant markers.

The Trabasack is a multipurpose lap tray and bag and can be used for a variety of purposes. In the garden it can be used for potting and transplanting cuttings, sowing seeds, even grafting and delicate jobs where you need plants and cuttings close at hand.

After you’ve finished gardening you can wipe down your trabasack with a soapy cloth or if it gets very dirty, simply put it in the washing machine on a normal thirty degree wash (use a wash bag, no spin) and then you can use it for something else – perhaps in the lounge or kitchen or as a handy place to keep your cup of tea whilst relaxing after a thirsty day in the garden!

Enjoy your garden with your gardening tray

So as a versatile bag and tray addition to your gardening tools, there is even more reason to enjoy gardening as a wheelchair user. You can keep your own garden maintained and growing. If you enjoy gardening and need a handy surface to help when planting or working on plants, you should consider adding a Trabasack to your gardening accessories collection. For more info on gardening for people with disabilities have a look at Freds site and support his reviews and website, if you can, by purchasing through his Amazon store links.

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