See Trabasack and Version 22 at Naidex

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As long time exhibitors at the fantastic annual Naidex disability and homecare event, we’re pleased to announce we’ll be back in 2015 and we’ll be sharing our stand with the fantastic talents of inventor and founder of Version 22, Simon Lyons.

Profile picture of Simon Lyons who is a young white man with a beard and brown hair

Simon will be joining the Trabasack Team at Naidex to show off his exciting new product

Come and see both the Trabasack team, showcasing our Equipped for Life online boutique range of products as well as Version 22 and their innovative and award-winning Geco Hub and other new ideas, between 28th and 30th April at the NEC in Birmingham.

This year representatives from Naidex say that there will be over 40 new product launches at the event so it’s certainly worth coming along to see what fresh and innovative ideas are out there for the future of disability living and care.

About Naidex

Naidex is the UK’s largest dedicated event with a focus on disability, rehabilitation and homecare. Over 300 exhibitors attend and show off some the most inventive and creative solutions to everyday problems for disabled people. The show also includes keynote speeches, conference seminars and the opportunity to meet experts in many fields of healthcare and gain insight and independent advice.

For full “how to get there” info click here.

The event is an opportunity to discover a new device or invention which could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Geco Hub in Action

The Geco Hub in Action

About Version 22

We’re delighted to be sharing our stand with the creative and innovative talent that is Version 22. Simon Lyons is a multi-award-winning inventor whose fantastic Geco Hub has been showcased on our Living with Disability blog and is an example of a household item which is truly designed with design for all principles in mind. The Geco Hub has gone from strength to strength with the first units available for pre-order for delivery in May this year and thanks to huge success both on Kickstarter and thanks to the receipt of many awards for its ingeniousness.

Most recently Version 22 has been awarded the Irwin Mitchell Design for Life Award for a brand new invention which has been designed with the potential aim of improving the quality of life of people living with disabilities, although the idea is very much under wraps at present we look forward to hearing more about it!

Be one of the first people to see Simon’s newest product by visiting our stand  at the show!

The Irwin Mitchell Design Award is a huge accolade and gives Version 22 £10,000 in legal fees and R&D support to get their new idea off the ground. There were over 100 entries for the award but in the end this innovative new idea from Version 22 was the one that the prestigious law firm chose as their best bet. The winner was chosen in conjunction with Nesta and Disability Rights UK, ensuring experts were available to ensure the right entrant was selected. Congratulations Version 22!

Visiting our stand you’ll be able to see the Geco Hub in action and Simon is also planning to showcase and demonstrate his brand new product.

Trabasack and

Trabasack at Naidex National 2011

Follow Me on Pinterest Trabasack at Naidex National 2011

As long time exhibitors at Naidex National, we’re really excited to be back again in 2015 and hope to demonstrate both our originally designed Trabasack range as well as other products selected from our range which aims to provide useful and convenient tools for everyday life. Our range includes stand out examples of inclusive design including the Knork and Greepers Laces.

We will also have stocks of a new product never seen at Naidex before:

THE BIG BIG BODY WIPES! Giant wet wipes for camping, festivals and an all over body wash anywhere!

Our range represents aids which are designed to make life easier and we specialise in sourcing British designs, like our own, wherever possible.

We can be found at stand E102 in the Daily Living Aids sector of the exhibitors area and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. 

We are directly ahead walking from the entrance at Hall 18 near the Trade Theatre. Tweet me if you get lost @trabasack!

The organisers of NAIDEX are reluctant to put a floor map online but I have one for you here  >

NAIDEX 2015 FloorPlan

The iBex Saddlechariot: Wheelchair Access with a Pony!


A Day out with Pony Access

We love  the idea of “Access all Areas” and are thrilled with this new idea for going off road.

There are a few products out there which really change the meaning of accessibility.  We have previously looked at the Mountain Trike and Wheelchair Skiing.  Here we’re looking at the fantastic work of Simon Mulholland, the developer of the iBex Saddlechariot and the Pony Access scheme, which provides, as his Twitter bio attests, ‘Access to ponies, Access with ponies. Disability, ability, who cares, ponies don’t.’

The iBex Saddlechariot is an innovative creation which allows wheelchair users to be pulled along safely by ponies, allowing them access to a wide range of sights and scenes which would previously have been impossible without significant help or at all for some types of wheelchair. The iBex Saddlechariot has been used to take people on trips all over the place, covering rocky terrain, beaches and water.

A Closer Look at the iBex Saddlechariot

A pony pulling a chariot adapted for a wheelchair

Cross Country with a Pony!

The iBex has been designed with safety as its main concern. It is a wheelchair enabled pony-drawn all-terrain vehicle which allows wheelchair users to access the countryside on any path they choose, in a similar way to how a rider of a quad bike could and even in some places where you can’t even reach with a squad.

The design seems so simple but once you look closer there are a range of features which show just how effective the iBex is. The most important is the instant release system which releases the pony and renders the iBex stationary, brakes applied, ensuring the complete safety of the user of the iBex. The instant release system is activated by the simple pull of a rope and it can even be operated remotely, ensuring that carers, guardians or pony handlers can activate the system is the user isn’t able to.

The best thing about the iBex is that is designed for use with wheelchairs. It hasn’t been modified or changed to accommodate wheelchair users, it was always designed with them in mind.

Any Wheelchair, Anywhere!

iBex on the Beach

iBex on the Beach

The iBex is designed to work with absolutely any wheelchair, with both manual chairs and power chairs easily accommodated. Modifications can be made for each chair and a quick look at all the different images that @ponyaccess shares will show you people of all shapes and sizes enjoying the iBex and having a fantastic time.

Much like the universal design of the product, where you can go is also (almost) limitless. Some terrain is obviously dangerous (deep mud, swampland) but beyond that you can enjoy almost anywhere from the comfort of the iBex. Sand, slopes and rocky terrain are no problem and it is possible to enjoy English Heritage sites which have been kept from people using wheelchairs for many years.

As this video shows, plenty of fun and plenty of environments can be enjoyed from the comfort of the iBex.

Pony Access is based in Exeter but they often take treks out to Sussex and Brecon, with other areas a definite possibility – you’d just need to have a chat with them! It’s great to find businesses and individuals who are passionate about inclusivity and accessibility, especially when their attempts to solve the issue are so fun.

#AccessDay Exmouth Beach wheelchair accessible. Over rocks, over shingle and soft sand. Real beach access for anyone.

Get in contact with Simon at Pony Access, click here.

Disability Rocks – Festivals for People with Disabilities

Disability Rocks Logo

Disability Rocks Logo

Festival season might seem a lifetime away, but in only a few months the Disability Rocks schedule of festival events will descend upon us, supporting music and the arts for people of all ages and disabilities.

Founder Richard Sutton noticed that though the positive experiences of arts and music that go hand in hand with a festival could help support the development of his son, who lives with a rare chromosome disorder, there didn’t seem to be any such event in place that could cater to his needs. Practical involvement in the arts and music can have a positive impact to peoples’ lives: building confidence, challenging the mind and simply having fun is a necessity in life. And so, in early 2012, Disability Rocks was born.

Disability Rocks 2014

Previous years have seen many famous acts including comedian Francesca Martinez of Extras fame and many musicians and artists for adults and children of all ages to enjoy. Here’s a video of Francesca’s performance in 2013:

Trabasaxons at the Cambridge Folk Festival

Trabasaxons at the Cambridge Folk Festival


Disability Rocks Festival events are confirmed in four locations this summer. You can attend Disability Rocks in the Midlands in Kibworth on 12th July, Disability Rocks in the North  in Ilkley on 7th June, Disability Rocks in the South West in Cornwall on 1st June and Disability Rocks in the South East in Essex on 28th June 2014. Tickets for the events start at £10 and children under 5 can go free.

Tickets can be bought here:


Trabasack at Disability Rocks

Cartoonist Brian Adcock uses his Trabasack for artistic endeavours

Newspaper Cartoonist Brian Adcock (Independent and Scotland on Sunday) uses his Trabasack for sketching on the move!

The Trabasack is a combination lap tray and travel bag which, at just under 800g, is lightweight and practical, while remaining comfortable too. We’ve talked about the quality of the product as a holiday essential but it’s also a handy accessory for disabled festival goers too. The secure bag zips up around the side, giving you a safe place to keep festival essentials like money, sun cream and, of course, a camera to capture the memories. As the Trabasack Curve moulds comfortably around your waist, your bag is always right where you need it, with no danger of getting lost.

Owners of a Trabasack also receive the benefit of a built in table. If you buy a drink or a snack at Disability Rocks, you don’t want to be awkwardly trying to carry it around when needing full use of both hands. Simply place it on your sturdy lap tray, utilise your wipe clean, non-slip mat – and enjoy the use of both hands when carrying your drinks and snacks around with you.

Another great use for the Trabasack lap tray is to use it as a practical surface for artistic activities or even writing your own notes on the festival. Whether it’s noting the name of a band you enjoyed and don’t want to forget about or a surface for drawing or any activity you’ve got some involvement in, the wide and sturdy surface is ideal as a comfortable and useful table that you carry around with you.


The Trabasack is an innovative and practical solution to your lap tray and travel bag needs, with a comfortable beanbag cushion and a secure section for your belongings. Take a whole look at our range here and order your Trabasack in time for the festival.

Crutch user Mark with a trabasack T-shirt

Trabasack Fan Mark at the Reading Festival

And please send us your pics! Please leave a comment below.

Trabasacks providing Access to the High Street

Trailblazers logo

Trailblazers Campaign Logo

Many high streets across the country are still not providing ample access and movability for wheelchair users – despite having had the Disability Discrimination Act and Equality Act now for 19 years. The Short-Changed Report, recently published by the Trailblazers Young Campaigners’ Network, suggests many young wheelchair users find access to the high street difficult.

Between narrow walkways in many high street shops (though reportedly more common throughout independent stores) and tables that are too low for a wheelchair to comfortably rest under, it appears some businesses have not considered disability access at all. But the Trabasack can make life easier, and work towards eliminating the worries that can often come with something as simple as enjoying a meal with friends.

Trabasack for the High Street

The Trabasack is a unique and multi-functional lap tray and wheelchair bag. Designed by a wheelchair user, disability access and ease of movement were considered at every stage of the development. Ideal for travel, shopping or even as a space to place your shopping list, this ergonomic design is ideal for various situations and can be used on a daily basis. The tray is lightweight and easily wiped clean, and is curved to fit your body comfortably in a sitting position. A bean-bag style cushion rests between your lap and the Trabasack, with a zip-up bag in the middle to keep your belongings safe and secure.

By strapping the Trabasack to yourself in its comfortable, lap tray style, you eliminate bags being hung from the side of your wheelchair, which can make it difficult to manoeuvre through narrow walkways and crowds of people. The zip-up bag compartment underneath the Trabasack tray can also be used to store items such as your phone, purse and any extras that you carry around with you, keeping them safely in front of you so that you know where they are at all times.

Trabasack as a Dining Tray


Trabasaxon Alan using his Trabasack as a tray when faced with inaccessible buffet tables at a hotel.

A common problem in restaurants is that the tables are too low to sit comfortably using a wheelchair, because the wheelchair simply won’t fit underneath. An easy way to combat this is to bring your Trabasack along to dinner. By strapping it to your waist you provide yourself with a handy and sturdy table, making any restaurant available to you, without having to worry about the height of their tables. Additionally, using the non-slip mat leaves you safe in the knowledge that glasses and bowls aren’t going to move when you do.

The Trabasack can be a life-changing addition to any wheelchair user’s life, providing you with a bag and a table wherever you may need one. Our products are designed to make life more accessible and our full range is expanding and developing regularly to include more products designed for all.

Check out this video which shows off exactly what benefits you can get from your Trabasack:


To purchase a trabasack visit our website to see the options available

Moving On – The Accessible Transport Symposium

Moving On

Moving On 23-24th November 2013

See Trabasack At Moving On!


The key parties involved in Moving On

We’re proud to announce that the Trabasack team will be attending and exhibiting at Moving On – The Accessible Transport Symposium in Coventry.  The event is bringing together individuals in the field of inclusive transport. We’re thrilled to be involved in the event. It takes place on 23rd and 24th November at Coventry Transport Museum. The project brings together a number of different organisations including Connect Culture, Coventry University, Transport for All and Disability History Month.

Accessible Transport for All, Everywhere

Accessible transport issues are big stories in the media recently, for example, we’ve seen a landmark result for accessible transport in the UK. Doug Paulley, a wheelchair user, took First Bus Group to court after he was told by the driver of a bus that he couldn’t get on. This was due to a pushchair user refusing to move from the dedicated wheelchair space. First Bus Group describe their policy as ‘first come first serve’ but this was challenged in court. Paulley received £5,500 in compensation with First Bus Group given 6 months to make changes to their policy. This is a huge step forward for accessible and inclusive transport.

Another recent issue was the refusal by Crossrail to provide step free access at the 31 of 38 planned new rail developments and the subsequent protests.

Moving On will look at how we can move forward and also discuss other important points for the inclusive transport field.

Round Table Discussion

Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry Transport Museum

The Round Table discussion is taking place on the 23rd November and runs from 1pm to 4.30pm. The discussion involves many key figures in the industry. Speakers include individuals who are used to the difficulties posed when travelling on public transport in as a wheelchair user or somebody with disabilities.


Coventry Transport Museum will be the main exhibitors showing a range of the vehicles from their collection. They’ll be putting together a special display about the history of road transport for people with disabilities. There are also plans for a display documenting the campaign for accessible public transport.

Trabasack will be one of the many other small companies and charities that will be joining the event and participation in the exhibition. We will have our products for sale  and be showing how our product range is ideal for travelling on public transport. If you, your charity or business would like to exhibit at the event, please leave a comment below and we will get straight back to you.

Win a Trabasack in the Video Competition

One of the highlights of the event that you can get involved with right away is the Video Competition. It’s open to all under 25s who fancy themselves a great film maker and want the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

The challenge is to create a 5×5 video and publish it online. The theme of the video should be: “your idea about the future of accessible transport to enhance your independent living.”

Showcase your creativity and add the experience to your CV. The competition closes on 15th November and the judges will then choose from the entries and pick their winners. Under 16s must get permission from their parents before entering.

The lucky competition winners will win one of the many prizes organised. They include an accessible holiday for four in France for seven days as well as a Trabasack Curve and Trabasack Max and the organisation team are still getting more prizes together.

If you’ve got something to say about accessible transport and access to camera, even on your mobile phone then give it a go and you’ll probably be surprised at the results. Full details are here

Here is an example of the type of 5×5 video that the judges will be looking for

About the Project Co-Ordinator

Project Co-ordinater Eleanor and her Trabasack Max

Project Co-ordinater Eleanor and her Trabasack Max

The Moving On Accessible Transport Project is co-ordinated by Eleanor Lisney. Eleanor owns Connect Culture and works on a freelance basis with a special interest in accessibility and inclusive design. She’s also a loyal Trabasaxon!

Eleanor has used public transport around the world and has clear insights into how improvements could be made for the needs of people with disabilities.

We’re looking forward to Moving On and are sure some important and difficult questions will be posed and discussed. Book your tickets for the round table discussion for free and get involved in the debate.


Mountain Trike Creator Tim Morgan on BBC Dragon’s Den

Tim takes on the Dragons!

Tim Morgan and his invention - The Mountain Trike

Tim Morgan and his invention – The Mountain Trike

Late last week we popped-on our TV with anticipatory excitement to watch the fantastic Tim Morgan brave the Dragon’s Den on BBC Two, in a bid to gain investment towards his innovative Mountain Trike invention.

Although understandably somewhat nervous, Tim did an amazing job of pitching to the Dragons, presenting a solid and informative speech, whilst also coming across as incredibly likeable (which he genuinely is ;-)).

Skip to the end to get Tim’s take on the Dragon’s Den experience and why he’s happy with the result.

Mountain Trike on Dragons Den Video


The All Terrain Wheelchair Invention – Mountain Trike

Tim’s Mountain Trike creation is an innovative, UK-patented and designed manual wheelchair that is not only lightweight, and extremely easy to manoeuvre, but also engineered so that it is durable and steady enough to take on the roughest of terrains, making it ideal for travelling over all types of ground.

Image of The Mountain Trike - all terrain manual wheelchair - in black and green.

The Mountain Trike has a sporty and fun design, and allows you to travel across all types of terrain

The Mountain Trike includes a plethora of technical features to ensure the user is comfortable and steady whilst out and about. The wheelchair uses drive levers to propel it forwards, which help to amplify the effort the user puts in, whilst also keeping hands clean – brilliant for muddy woodland and sandy beaches.

The gearing system and large front wheels provide the correct speed and traction for both flat ground and uphill climbs, and allow the user to ride up and over curbs and obstacles with ease.

Comfort was also a important issue when Tim created the Mountain Trike, and he has included a changeable base cushion and moulded back rest into the design, to help ensure a relaxed and secure comfortable position whether you are moving around the home or taking a trip up a steep hillside.

What did the Dragons think?

All of the  much-revered entrepreneurs were highly impressed by Tim’s creation and the delivery of his pitch, however in spite of this Tim didn’t quite manage to win investment as the greedy Dragons wanted much more of the fast growing business than Tim and his partners had agreed to part with. However, we know that Tim has big plans for his outstanding and inclusive Mountain Trike, and wish him every success in taking the wheelchair out a wider audience. The publicity from the show will help wheelchair users across the country know about the off road possibilities that they can enjoy using the trike.

Image of the Kandu Group logo in black and turquoise

Follow Me on Pinterest The Kandu Group is a collective of 8 disability entrepreneurs have come together to help launch and promote disability products and services.

Tim Morgan and the Mountain Trike company are members of the Kandu Group – a selection of disability entrepreneurs who have formed a collective to help launch and promote disability products and services. The Trabasack and Equipped For life team have proudly exhibited the Mountain Trike with Tim and the team on a number of occasions, most recently at the Mobility Roadshow in June, and know that he and his multiple-award-winning invention are due to accomplish further success, whilst also helping to change the lives of those with disabilities on a daily basis.

Why I said No to the Dragons – Tim Talks Back

Since saying no to Deborah Meaden’s offer in the Den Tim has explained exactly why he made that decision. His confidence in his decision probably shocked many viewers but we’re more interested in his decision and why it ended up the way it did.

Tim describes his experience in the den as ‘pretty intense’ to local press but also explained that he felt confident and felt his pitch went well, thanks to positive comments from the Dragons. As is often the way on the popular show the company valuation was the problem.

Tim demonstrating the Mountain Trike

Tim demonstrating the Mountain Trike

Tim’s experience, understanding and supportive team were enough for him to realise the product has serious potential beyond what the Dragons were able to offer – at least in terms of % value for their cash.

Users of the trikes are also play a key role in Tim’s product development. Feedback from a user living with MS has told the Mountain Trike team that the trike has allowed him to return to outdoor life with his sons and the military rehabilitation unit in Headley Court in Surrey also has five trikes to help with rehabilitation. Injured soldiers from many conflicts included Afghanistan have become Mountain Trike customers.

As before we really do wish Mountain Trike and Tim all the possible success and are convinced they’ll continue to go from strength to strength.

Click here to visit the Mountain Trike website.

Hydrate for Health wins Queens Award for Enterprise – Innovation

An image of Mark Moran next to his Hydrant drinks bottle

Mark Moran and his Queen’s Award-winning drinks system – The Hydrant

The most revolutionary of inventions often involve simply improving on pre-existing products for the ease and convenience of the consumer. One such new innovation is garnering praise not only in commercial terms, but more importantly from the users for whom it was designed. Inventor Mark Moran proudly attributes his invention’s crowning glory to the fact that it “Simply helps lots and lots of people on a daily basis to remain independent and dignified, making life easier and helps keep them out of hospital”.

The Hydrant is an innovative new drinking system designed to give those with limited mobility a way to increase independence and reduce the chance of dehydration by being able to drink whenever they want to without assistance.

The Hydrant is a drinks bottle with a unique handle/lid/clipping system with a drinking tube and bite valve attached. The bottle can be hung from a wheelchair or bed and allows the user to simply drink from the tube without having to hold the bottle.

Not only has The Hydrant wowed during its trials in NHS settings, but we’re pleased to announce that Mark’s

A blue and white logo for Queen's Award for Enterprise, which shows a solid blue crown floating above a lowercase 'e' with wings.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are for outstanding achievement by UK businesses.

Bristol based ‘Hydrate for Health Ltd’ has recently received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in innovation, the highest accolade that can be awarded for business success in the UK.

These awards specifically celebrate those who have achieved great feats in not only innovation, but trade as a whole. Decisions on finalists are made by a judging panel who deliberate to ensure only the most worthy are granted this highly respected award. On the 21st of April each year the winners are announced, and receive a grant of appointment, a presentational item and finally, an invitation from the Queen herself to visit Buckingham Palace.

Although prestigious awards such as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise are important to innovators and inverters, the most important praise ultimately comes from those who utilise the product. Fans of the Hydrant have turned out in droves to praise the effect it has had on the well being of themselves or loved ones.

“I received my drinking cup … I must say I cried because 13 years I have waited to be able to drink independently again. I honestly want to personal thank you from the bottom of my heart so few words for just a big thing in my life. Thank you and God bless.” Meg Spence

The Hydrant is quite rightly due to be a permanent fixture in every healthcare setting, and we send our congratulations to Mark for winning such an honourable award.

Hydrate for Health Competition

To support MS Awareness Week, and their recent Queens Award for Enterprise Innovation, Hydrate for Health is offering a free Hydrant to the first 100 people to contact them. To apply simply email –

The Hydrant is designed to help people with limited mobility to drink whenever they want to without assistance. It is making a huge difference to many people’s lives, particularly those with MS. It quite simply prevents dehydration by solving the problem of reaching, lifting, or holding drinks.

To see what people are saying about The Hydrant click here for testimonials or watch the video here:

To buy a Hydrant water bottle visit the webstore

Inclusive designs showcased At Naidex for New Boutique Webstore

Leicestershire-based social enterprise and design company, Equip-able Ltd are due to take part in the 2013 annual Naidex National exhibition, held between the 30th April and 2nd of May at the NEC Birmingham. Naidex National sees consumers and traders alike flock from around the country to view the UK’s largest selection of disability, home care and rehabilitation products.

Equip-able Ltd are experienced veterans of the Naidex exhibition, having attended each annual event for a number of years to showcase their range of inclusive, innovative and attractive products.

The most notable creation in the Equip-able Ltd catalogue remains the Trabasack – a unique travel bag that includes a built-in lap desk on one side. This ingenious invention provides a sturdy and steady tray surface that can be used for everything from dining to work, and has revolutionised the lives of many wheelchair users from around the globe.

One of Trabasack’s loyal fans (affectionately known as “Trabasaxons”) explains how the Trabasack lap tray and bag changed her life:
“Trabasack Curve works very well as a power chair tray… It’s the best tray I’ve ever had. I use it multiple times a day, every day – I can even eat soup on it. Thank you for sharing [The Trabasack] with the USA, it’s such a blessing!”
Jodi – Power chair and Trabasack user, USA

The combination of usability, ingenuity and inclusive design has garnered praise from not only its fan base of world-wide users, but also from those in the healthcare and disability sectors.

The Trabasack lap desk and bag creators won the BHTA Independent Living Design Award in 2009 and really caught the eye of the judging panel at the 2011 Naidex National, when they scooped the honourable Style Award for showcasing one the most stylish, fresh and modern products to be displayed at the exhibit.

Describing the aim of the award, Event Director Liz Virgo commented, “We feel that the Naidex Style Awards will show all visitors that it is possible to find stylish solutions for independent living, something that is becoming increasingly important. People are not only looking for products that function well and make life easier, but also products that look good, be that items of clothing, home equipment or mobility aids.”

There have been significant changes for the Equip-able Ltd team since the last annual Naidex, with 2012/13 seeing them expand their reach across the Amazon selling platform to Europe, namely Germany and France, and the development of their Australian sales plans, including a new stockist and website.

In terms of product development, 2013 also sees Equip-able Ltd launch the newest member of the Trabasack lap desk bag family – the Max. The Trabasack Max includes all the fantastic features and usability of its sibling lap desk bags, but has been developed with a larger internal capacity, ideal for travel, business trips and carrying larger equipment such as 15.6″ laptops.
The Trabasack Max features an upgrade in both size and aesthetics, lined with deep burgundy satin and finished in either pure black or with a genuine Harris Tweed trim, making the Max the most luxurious and stylish Trabasack to date.

Equip-able Ltd are also set to launch their new online store, Equipped 4 Life “” – a boutique style store featuring a range of innovative and inclusive gadgets and products. will be the first boutique store of its product genre and target market, and will be showcased at both the Naidex National 2013 and 30th anniversary Mobility Roadshow, held between 27th-29th June at the Telford International Centre.

This year’s Equip-able Ltd stand will not only feature their Trabasack lap desk bags, but also a selection of third-party inclusive products, including Bibetta neckerchiefs and pashminas, along with the highly acclaimed Greeper range of shoes laces.
The Bibetta range of neckerchiefs and pashminas are stylish clothing protectors designed with fashion and inclusion in mind. Each garment comes in a range of sizes and styles, including a large colour and pattern palette, providing the ultimate in inclusive usability.
The Greeper range of shoe laces are a multiple award-winning design, created to ensure that one they have been tied, they never come undone. This provides much-needed assurance to those with mobility issues, and for those with disabilities who would otherwise have difficulty tying their laces.
The Greeper laces are fashionable and stylish, coming not only in a large range of colours, but also an extensive range of styles; from sports-style to formal-style laces, Greeper have designed a lace to suit every shoe and occasion.

The Naidex National disability, home care and rehabilitation exhibition will be held at the NEC Birmingham, between 30th April and 2nd May, 2013.
Show times are 10:00 – 17:00 Tuesday 30th April and Wednesday 1st May, and 10:00 – 16:00 Thursday 2nd May.

Equip-able Ltd will be situated in the Market Place area of the NEC Birmingham, Stand c161.

For more info visitThe Naidex National exhibition is open to trade, healthcare professionals and members of the public, and entry is free if registered in advance on 0844 588 8076.

Choice Unlimited

Logo for the Leicester disability event, Choice Unimited

Follow Me on Pinterest Choice Unlimited.

Trabasack to attend the Choice Unlimited Event

Trabasack is pleased to announce that they will be attending the Choice Unlimited event. Choice Unlimited Leicester is a new event aimed at disabled people, particularly young people, who want to find out about the services and options in their area. It will be held at the Leicester Tigers Stadium on the 21st November 2012, 10am – 6pm.

What is Choice Unlimited?

Choice Unlimited is a free event and everyone is welcome.  Disabled young people and young people with additional needs will find this event especially interesting as ‘Choice Unlimited is an opportunity to find out about information, services, products, ideas, innovation, education and employment.’  Parents, professionals and carers who work as service providers for them are encouraged to come along too.

This event particularly focuses on the ‘Transition Period’ which occurs when people are aged between 14 – 25 years old.  It’s a time of life when young people make sometimes momentous decisions about the life they wish to lead, the jobs they would like and where they want to settle.  Choice Unlimited aims to be a resource for young people who are in the midst of these choices and who often still need the support from services that are appropriate to their needs.

Who will be at the Event?

Trabasack will have a stand and the full range of their award winning lapdesk bags will be available. There will also be  over 160 exhibitors offering information and advice on: services, innovation, education, training, communications, wheelchair accessible vehicles, leisure and much more.  Voluntary and service organisations will be there too, with details on support, publications and holidays to name a few of the subjects covered. Trabasack will be at table 13 in the Products and Services Area.

Get Interactive!

If you’re someone with a ‘have a go!’ attitude, you might be interested in Choice Unlimited’s program of activities.  Get your pulse racing with a game of wheelchair rugby or perhaps roar around a race track with a driving simulator.  Should you prefer a more relaxed day, you’d be wise to consider the facials and pampering sessions that are on offer too.

Special Guest: Matt Hampson

Patron of Special Effect Charity

Follow Me on Pinterest Matt Hampson will be attending the Leicester event.

For those of you who, like us, are big fans, Matt Hampson will be at the event! Matt Hampson is the Tigers Rugby player who is also patron of the Special Effect charity that helps disabled gamers.

Professional Development

There are workshops on various topics.  If you’re involved with supporting young people through this transition period it helps to be aware of what is available for them and for you.  These workshops will help you to give the best choices to the people you work with.

See You There!

The Trabasack team would love to meet you and if you make your way over to the Products and Services area you’ll find us there.  Our products are designed to be able to be used by anyone and are especially useful to some disabled people, particularly wheelchair users, people with communication aids, and disabled children. Our company aim of assisting social inclusion for people with disabilities, if you would like advice or to find out more about what we do, we’ll be happy to help out.  Looking forward to seeing you on the day!

If you would like to find out more about the other exhibitors at the event the main website for Choice Unlimited can be found here.

Matt can be seen in the video below from the previous Choice Unlimited event that was held in April 2012

HUGE Congratulations to Hydrant Inventor – Mark Moran

HUGE Congratulations to Hydrant Inventor – Mark Moran

£1 million NHS Contract for Hydrant Water Bottle

Hydrant Water Bottle Inventor Mark Moran

Follow Me on Pinterest Inventor of the Hydrant – Mark Moran

At Wheelchair Lap Trays, we love to congratulate fellow inventors who work hard because of their passion for their idea. Today, we want to congratulate Mark Moran, the creator of the fantastic Hydrant. We met Mark at the BHTA award ceremony when Trabasack won a design award and we have kept in touch and used Hydrants in our family home ever since. The Hydrant is one of our favourite wheelchair accessories and now the product is now being used in hospitals, to help fight the problem of dehydration.

Mark has spent a long time developing the hydrant water bottle and it allows users to access drinks through a flexible tube. Using a clever valve, the flow of water can be controlled by the user and the water bottle can be clipped to a hospital bed or wheelchair. It was Mark’s experiences after an operation which led to his development of the Hydrant as he explains to the BBC in this short news report:


The product is already used by members of the public as well as a Headley Court, the Ministry of Defence’s rehab unit and Stoke Mandeville Hospital. It has even been sold via the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) as it supports breastfeeding and use in labour.

Hydrant Contract Secured

Hydrant Water Bottle on Bed

Follow Me on Pinterest Hydrant Water Bottle Attached to Bed Frame

As the news report explains, Mark has secured a huge contract to trial the Hydrant in 50 different NHS trusts. Tests show how successful it is in improving the health of those in hospital. The risks that come with developing dehydration include:

Urinary Tract Infection

Wound Infection

Renal Failure

Through product testing, Mark has found that access to Hydrant water bottles gave patients 100% reduction in UTIs and reduced the length of their stay in hospital by 20% too. Shocking statistics show that 2 deaths a day in the NHS are down to dehydration in some way, we strongly believe that Mark’s products can be used to help people and reduce the risks, and are so pleased that his hard work to highlight this issue has paid off.

Hydrant use actually reduces NHS costs

As well as the many benefits to health, Mark’s research has shown that the Hydrant can actually help reduce hospital costs, showing there are many reasons for the investment made in this simple little invention.

We’d like to wish Mark all the success in the world and congratulate him on making it to the next step in the fight against dehydration.

Follow this link, if you are interested in finding out more or buying a Hydrant Water Bottle. We love them and use them every day!

We even made our own little video for him!

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