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User-Centred Design and Wheelchair Hacks Top the Curriculum at NuVu

NuVu Wheelchair Lap Tray Team

NuVu Wheelchair Lap Tray Team

Creating a Wheelchair Tray

Described as an ‘Innovation Center for Young Minds’ NuVu offers education with a distance and students at this unique learning centre have been in the news thanks to their focus on user-centred design in some of their latest projects.

Based in Cambridge Massachusetts the students at NuVu were given a project focusing on the needs of their classmate, wheelchair user Mohammed Sayed. After a crash course in user-centred design and design for all principles the students had one task: hack Mohammed’s wheelchair to make it more user-friendly.

Students got to hear what Mohammed wanted from his wheelchair, with over 50 different wish list items considered, and in the end it was just two that were brought forward, conceptualised by his classmates and then prototyped to a condition in which Mohammed could test drive them.


Solving the Need for Speed


Vertical Handle for Propelling a Wheelchair

One of the ideas which reached the test driving stage was put together by a group who focused on Mohammed’s need for speed. An innovative gear and lever system, which locks onto one of the wheels of the chair (pictured) was the end result. By pushing the vertical handle forward, the chair too was propelled forward thus saving energy and effort which comes from the need to manually turn the wheels by hand. The lever itself was constructed using innovative 3D printing software and technology.

Wheelchair Lap Tray (Where have we heard that before?)

The second of the inventions piqued our interest as Mohammed told his colleagues he’d always wanted a handy place for his cup and his computer but hadn’t been able to find a suitable attachment to his wheelchair online. Fellow students designed a wooden wheelchair computer tray which slides into place over the arm rests of the chair.

NuVu Wheelchair Lap Tray Design

NuVu Wheelchair Lap Tray Design

The tray has been described as much like an aeroplane tray but it’s hinged with an opening within where space has been created to store an iPad, a book and conveniently, hand sanitiser. The pieces are designed to snap together and apart with ease.

The work of the students at NuVu is commendable, seeing any institute focus closely on universal design principles and ideas which can suit people with a range of needs is a real positive. However, the creations of the students are of course not available for general sale and can’t be enjoyed by other wheelchair users – they were designed as a class project. Instead, a viable alternative, at least for the lap tray, is our Trabasack Mini. Providing the same functionality as the NuVu students’ tray, you benefit from a tray and a secure bag in a single unit, which you can keep on your lap or hang from your chair when not in use. The universal design means it isn’t solely designed for wheelchair use so anybody can enjoy one.

We’d like to congratulate the innovative thinking and design ability of the students at NuVu and with talent like this, there is hope for even more user-centred design products in the future.

Find out more here https://cambridge.nuvustudio.com/studios/iip-fall-2014/wheelchair-tray-table#tab-final


iPad Mount for Wheelchairs – Options from Trabasack

iPad Mount for Wheelchairs –  – Options from Trabasack

iPad Mounting Options from Trabasack

Finding the correct iPad Mount for wheelchairs can be difficult. The benefits of iPad use are many and well documented and so more and more wheelchair users are using iPads on a daily basis. Without the right mount, using the device can be difficult. At Trabasack we have two iPad mounting options.

Using the Connect Surface as an iPad Mount

Trabasack Connect iPad Mount for Wheelchairs

Follow Me on Pinterest Utilise the Trabasack Connect surface to secure any device

The innovative Connect Surface available from Trabasack provides the perfect base for your iPad Mount. It allows you to lay your iPad flat on the Trabasack tray surface and attach it to the tray using Trabasack Hook Tape. The Connect surface is Velcro receptive and the great value Trabasack hook tapes are the perfect choice. Attaching your iPad to your tray surface could not be easier simply:

1. Attach the hook tapes to the back of your iPad

2. Position your iPad on your Trabasack lap tray wherever is best for you

3. You’re ready to and it’s securely attached to your tray surface.

The hook tape keeps your iPad completely secure so if you’re out and about and happen to go over any bumps or up and down any hills, you can be sure your iPad will stay safe.

Using the Media Mount as an iPad Mount

Trabasack Media Mount - iPad Mount for Wheelchairs

Follow Me on Pinterest Trabasack + Media Mount securing an iPad

Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of attaching tape to the back of your iPad, you can use the new Trabasack Media Mount. The Media Mount is a multipurpose mounting device designed with iPads in mind. It can safely wrap around your iPad and attach to the Connect surface. It holds the iPad at whatever angle is best for you. You could also lay your iPad flat and use the Media Mount to provide a barrier around the edge to stop it from falling off.

There is no reason you can’t use your iPad when out and about but without the correct mount, it can be a worry. It’s an expensive piece of kit that you want to protect and making sure it is safe is obviously always on your mind. With a Trabasack and in some cases a Media Mount you can be sure your iPad is safe and accessible. Also, when you’re not using it, you can put it in the bag space for safe keeping. Finding the right iPad Mount for Wheelchairs doesn’t need to be difficult, try Trabasack.


Click to buy your Trabasack and Media Mount on our secure shop.

Trabasack – one of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market

Trabasack Lap Tray and Bag – one of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market

Follow Me on Pinterest Trabasack Mini in use as a lap tray

When you’re a manual wheelchair user there are many considerations you have to take when considering accessories for your chair. One of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market is definitely the Trabasack Lap Tray and Bag because of its multifunctional usage and its many features which make it a great product for manual wheelchair users.
When looking for a lap tray and bag for your manual wheelchair there are many things you take into consideration, most notably:
Weight – you need an item which is lightweight and manageable so you can comfortably move around without difficulty or with anything obscuring your line of sight.
Look – the design and style of your bag and/or tray is a key factor when you choose it. Like any other item, you want your lap tray and/or bag to look good and fit in with your personal style. Trabasack won a Style Award at Naidex 2011.
Functionality – you want your lap tray and/or bag to do everything you expect without causing you any stress or difficulty.

Why Trabasack is amongst the best manual wheelchair accessories around.

Follow Me on Pinterest A Trabasack Curve in use as a rucksack

With Trabasack all these needs are met and more. Whereas you may have been considering a separate lap tray and bag, with Trabasack you need just the one great value item. Trabasack is extremely lightweight and designed for comfort and style. The Trabasack Curve is designed to fit the contours of your body and is fitted with a levelling beanbag which sits comfortably on your knee. When not in use, you can simply hang it on the back of your chair with no trouble at all. Another great feature of the Trabasack Curve Connect is the different colour choices available, so you can pick a bag with a trim to suit your particular style for example orange or blue. Trabasack is a fantastically innovative creation which provides all you could need from a lap tray and bag without looking like a clunky clinical invention. There is no need for complicated connecting clamps or wooden surfaces; your Trabasack has its own fantastic tray surface which can hold a range of items from food to gadgets. It is everything you could need.
If you’re a manual wheelchair user, you need a Trabasack. It is one of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market due to its fantastic dual usage and its fashionable not functional appearance.

Buy a trabasack manual wheelchair tray now prices £34.95 – £44.95

Travels with Trabasack: why your Trabasack is an essential holiday accessory

Your Trabasack is an essential holiday accessory.

You can use Trabasack as a handy travel tray Follow Me on Pinterest

Your trabasack is a convenient tray for unknown cafes and restaurants as well as moneybelt style bumbag for your passport and valuables!

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or planning your first big holiday, your Trabasack is an essential holiday accessory that you would simply feel lost without. Your Trabasack lap tray and bag is a perfect holiday day bag and its multifunctional capacity makes it even more useful.

There are many reasons that make your Trabasack a great holiday accessory and here are just some of the most important ones:

Trabasack is a handy tray and bag for your travels on trains, planes and buses. We all know how difficult it can be trying to juggle books, phones and food whilst travelling and the flip-down tray tables never have enough space for everything you could need. Your Trabasack provides both a spacious bag compartment and a large steady tray surface which means you can comfortably relax with a book or magazine whilst travelling from A to B.

Trabasack is also fantastic for dining out. When abroad or even travelling in the UK you often come across the problem of tables at awkward heights. Getting yourself and your chair under the table can be difficult or the tables are sometimes too high to comfortably eat from. With your Trabasack you can eat your meal from the tray surface whilst sitting at the table with your fellow travellers! The bag compartment is also great for storing essential items, perhaps you have your knork or favourite cup and need them whilst you’re abroad for example.

Trabasack is fantastic for facilitating relaxation and fun! If you’re lounging by the side of the pool it’s great to be able to read or listen to music comfortably. With your Trabasack you have a level surface on which to keep your mp3 player or books or even enjoying your favourite crafting hobby!

One of the most important and useful functions of your Trabasack is safety. With your Trabasack safely strapped around your waist you

Enjoy your holidays with your indispensible Trabasack! Follow Me on Pinterest

can store all your money, passport and travel documents safely and have no fear that they’re going to get lost either in transit or whilst you’re out and about. You can keep the trabasack in front of you like a money belt or bumbag, whilst going through customs or in busy areas. Having a double, lockable zip, with large ring pulls, means that you can get to your valuables, easily without taking the trabasack off of your lap.

Trabasack is an indispensible holiday bag and I’m sure you’ll agree once you’re out and about enjoying your holidays without a care in the world!

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Trabasack in the Christopher Reeve Foundation Xmas Gift Guide

We’re in the Christopher Reeve Foundation Xmas Gift Guide 2011!

Follow Me on Pinterest You heard it here first; the Trabasack Curve is one of the top ten Wheelchair Extras in the influential Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Xmas Gift Guide. We’re absolutely thrilled to be considered one of the best wheelchair accessories around and thank the foundation for including us in the list.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation is an American charity which is dedicated to finding treatment for spinal cord injuries and related neurological disorders, with the eventual aim of finding a cure for such conditions. The foundation itself is named after renowned American actor and director, Christopher Reeve. Most famous for his role as ‘Superman’, he had a riding accident in May 1995 that led to him becoming tetraplegic (called quadriplegic in the US). He led high profile campaigns and fund raising for SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) awareness and treatments for the rest of his life with his wife Dana. His efforts were greatly appreciated and his progress and treatments were closely followed by the SCI community across the globe.

Christopher Reeve as Superman Follow Me on Pinterest

Dana has fronted the organisation since his death in 2004 and continues his work.  Currently, Reeve’s son Matthew and daughter Alexandra also sit on the board of directors.

The 2011 Gift Guide for Individuals Living with Paralysis is a highly respected and recommended brochure which can help alleviate

Follow Me on Pinterest

some of the stresses involved with shopping. The guide catalogues some of the best products available across a whole number of categories for people living with spinal cord injuries and once again, we are extremely proud that Trabasack features in the list.

The Gift Guide describes the Trabasack Curve as:

“… perfect for the traveler. With a removable bean bag insert on one side and a tray on the other, this bag is curved to snuggle right up to you as you work.”

We definitely agree, the Trabasack Curve is a great Christmas gift and we’re glad that the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation agree.

We are grateful to trabasaxon  @weebles1703 from twitter who saw us featured on the Reeve Foundation site, and tweeted:

@ saw your lovely #trabasack on the Christopher Reeve foundation website. Nice one!

If you see Trabasack featured anywhere on the web, please do let us know. 🙂

Using Trabasack as a safe and sterile medicine tray

Using Trabasack as a safe and sterile medicine tray

Use a bag for medical kit and as a safe clean preparation area for medicines. Follow Me on Pinterest

If you need to take medicines or use medical devices regularly, you will know the need for being organised and having everything at hand when you want it. When travelling or outside the home it can often be difficult to find a clean, firm surface for organising your meds. Public areas can be very unclean and finding a small personal space to work in can be awkward.

A bag and personal space for medical equipment

All your medicines need to be kept in a specific place (as described on the labelling) and you probably have a very personal system for keeping on top of it all. We at Trabasack believe our versatile lap tray and bag could make the whole process a lot easier. You can use Trabasack as a medicine tray and also utilise the bag compartment for storing all your medication and related paraphernalia.

Bag for disability equipment.

The bag compartment is ideal for storing medication and other equipment. Use it for: Splints, disability equipment, pills, syringes or emergency meds. The Trabasack surface is both flat and can be wiped clean as well as being easily washed. If you need to keep special cutlery,  cups or water bottles, you can keep them handy inside. Catheters and other personal toileting equipment can be kept discretely in the zipped up pocket inside. You’re bound to feel much more comfortable, knowing that everything is easily at hand on your lap but also discretely out of view and securely zipped away.

Medicine tray.

Use the tray top to help you when you need to take your medicines.

The Trabasack tray surface is ideal for preparing medicines or perhaps any regular tests you may need to do for example diabetes blood sugar testing. The Trabasack surface is both level and can be wiped clean as well as being easily washing thoroughly in the washing machine when necessary. It’s also really useful to be safe in the knowledge that you have a clean level medicine tray for preparing your medication wherever you may be. Public places can be unsanitary but with trabasack you know you have your own personal and clean space to prepare your medicines.

The Trabasack bag compartment is also really useful for keeping in all your medical equipment, prescription information, notebooks for recording test results or dosages and anything else you might need. It’s also a great place to keep a clear and concise copy of your diagnoses in case of emergency so the right procedures can be followed, never hurts to be organised!

Trabasack has a huge array of uses and it is definitely a fantastic choice as a medicine tray and bag for storing all your medical equipment.

The Topro Troja – a rollator walker from Mobility Choices

The Topro Troja – a fantastic rollator walker from Mobility Choices

Rollator walker Follow Me on Pinterest
The Topro Troja, the original and best Rollator Walker. Click this image to see the full brochure and specifications of the Topro Troja.

At Trabasack, we like to support the retailers who we know we can recommend and who give top quality and friendly customer service. Mobility Choices stock our products but also have a range of other items which are extremely good quality and support many people significantly in their daily lives. One such item is the Topro Troja 4-wheel rollator walker.

If you’re looking for a high quality, versatile and affordable walker, you should consider the Troja from Topro. The Troja is the original rollator walker from the Norwegian Torpo brand and although there are many contenders attempting to emulate its design, they just don’t come close. At Mobility Choices they offer free delivery on this product and in most instances, can also guarantee it will be delivered the very next day if you wish. Fantastic service don’t you think?

Try out the Troja in the Manchester Shop

The Troja is an extremely versatile walker which comes with a range of great features. It comes in three sizes and is designed to suit a broad spectrum of heights. At Mobility Choices they’re more than happy to offer customers the chance to try out the different sizes in their Manchester Gorton Mobility Shop to see which is most appropriate for their height. They also come in a range of different colours so you can decide which one suits you best.

Great features of the Topro Troja

Firstly, the Troja comes with an amazing 5 Year Warranty, which is a testament to the quality of the product. It also comes with a comfortable seat for when you may need a break, is both lightweight and easy to fold and has a good strong brake function. When folded down, it doesn’t take up much space at all and it’s so lightweight you don’t have to worry about it being difficult to life or manoeuvre. Even better, this Troja walker can even be used in the shower. It really is that versatile.

If you think that this walker is for you, visit the Mobility Choices website and find the right one for you. They can’t be beaten on price and the quality of this product speaks for itself. If you need any more convincing here’s a video showing the Troja in action:

Click through for free delivery on the Topro Troja Rollator from Mobility Choices.

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A ‘carry anywhere’ wheelchair food tray

Why not use your Trabasack as a wheelchair food tray?


“Can be carried easily on the back of a chair. Just looks like a smart bag.” a trabasack wheelchair tray on the back of a manual wheelchair Follow Me on Pinterest

If you’re a wheelchair user then you there has probably been many occasions when you have had trouble finding a suitable table whilst out. You appreciate that you may not always be able to get your legs under a low table or find an accessible space to eat.

There are many times you might just want to stop for a snack or a hot drink but it becomes difficult in areas where there aren’t places where they have though about the needs of wheelchair users. With a Trabasack you won’t have to encounter this problem again!

What’s a Trabasack?

A Trabasack is a new design created by a wheelchair user. It is a versatile wheelchair lap tray which has the additional bonus of a bag to carry your possesions. A smart and practical new invention, Trabasack combines a handy travel bag with a bean bag lap tray which means you can eat on the go wherever you are with reaching or stretching over unsuitable tables.

Trabasack is extremely easy to carry, sleek and created to fit the contours of your waist. It is adaptable with a choice of straps so that it fits to you rather that your chair. So because all wheelchairs are so different and you don’t need to worry about it being unsuitable with your particular chair.

Whenever you’re out and about and you fancy a drink or a sandwich, you can simply stop and conveniently use your lap tray to have your lunch or snack, no need to worry about finding a picnic area or food court. It’s a really great accessory for modern living.

Highly Recommended Lap Tray

Creator of Trabasack in Harrods food hall with a glass of champagne

Follow Me on Pinterest You never know where you will need one, this is Harrods Foodhall!

Trabasack has received great reviews across the Internet, on many personal blogs of users and the parents of users as well as more recently on Amazon. There are some extremely positive reviews on Amazon describing the Trabasack as both “the best invention ever” that one user doesn’t “go anywhere without it.” These are truly testaments to the quality of the Trabasack and how it really becomes an essential piece of kit for many of its users.

Next time you fancy a snack or perhaps a beer in a busy pub, don’t worry about finding a table, just whip out your Trabasack and you’ve got a portable table or wheelchair food tray wherever you go.


Click here to purchase!

Jeans for Wheelchair Users – a fantastic design available from DisabledGear.com

Jeans for Wheelchair Users – a special cut and design


a href=”http://www.wheelchairlaptrays.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/jeans.jpg”> Follow Me on Pinterest

DisabledGear.com is one of our favourite small businesses and that is not just because they were one of the first online retailers to sell trabasack 😉

Guy at DisabledGear.com provides a free place online for people to buy and sell 2nd hand disability equipment. This free service saves people money and helps to reuse and recycle expensive equipment that is no longer needed. A very noble aim we think!

To support this service he also sells new innovative products that improve the lives of people with disabilities. He now has an affordable range of top quality inclusive designs that are useful and otherwise hard to find.

One of his best selling products are the comfortable and user designed:

Rollitex Trousers & Jeans for Wheelchair Users.

Clare Edwards the creator of Trabasack, bought a pair a year ago and now has half a dozen pairs in a range of styles and colours:  “They are the warmest and most comfortable trousers I have. I prefer them over every other type of jeans I have tried. The material is soft but tough and of excellent quality. I recommend them to any wheelchair user.”

A revolutionary idea, Rollitex Wheelchair Jeans offer a fully mainstream and fashionable look for wheelchair users. The jeans are made in a factory that makes a top designer brand of jeans (which of course we cannot mention here!) so the materials and stitching are equivalent to the some of the very expensive high st designer names.

Anyone who is a wheelchair user knows the difficulties of finding comfortable and fashionable trousers. The cut of ordinary jeans means that they are low at the back and uncomfortable for sitting in for extended periods. The Rollitex jeans were designed by a wheelchair user with tailoring skills who decided to create a cut with his needs in mind.  He is still one of the owners of Rollitex and being wheelchair user personally understands problems such as jeans ‘riding up’, studs and hems causing pressure marks and jeans being too short on the leg. This makes their product even more impressive, all these problems are solved with a pair of Rollitex jeans for wheelchair users.


So, what other features makes wheelchair jeans different to a standard pair? Well, the longer zips for better access, they are also bigger so if you have restricted hand function you can still move your zip unaided. They also benefit from strong nylon threads being used to fasten the belt loops to the jeans, so they should never come loose or fall off if used when transferring from chair to bed or vice versa.

The seams are sewn so that they butt against each other, rather than over the top of each other, this feature, along with the lack of studs or back pockets, makes them much more comfortable to wear and less of a worry regarding pressure.

Being specifically designed for wheelchair use, they’re cut with longer legs so they sit on your shoes properly as they would if you were standing.  At the back they are cut higher, so they look fashionable and feel great, keeping you warmer and covered,  and they stay up during the transfer process!

As this video shows, they are truly a innovative design:

Check out the full range of jeans for wheelchair users on DisabledGear.com

Why is Trabasack One Of The Best Power Wheelchair accessories around?

Trabasack Power Wheelchair Tray and Bag, making it one of the best power wheelchair accessories around.

cool power chair accessories Follow Me on Pinterest Activist blogger and twitterati @latentexistence used a trabasack at the Oxford St Welfare reform protest in January 2012.

If you’re looking for a tray or bag for your power wheelchair, you should look no further than Trabasack. Rather than buying and carrying two separate items, you get both a lap tray and bag in one with a Trabasack. Ingeniously combining both makes it one of the best power wheelchair accessories around.

Why Trabasack is a fantastic accessory for your power wheelchair

If you are looking for cool power chair accessories, trabasack has numerous design awards and style awards.

Your Trabasack lap tray and bag combines many great features which make it a useful accessory for your wheelchair. Firstly, it is light weight and portable so that it’s easy to move when transferring to and from your chair. Keep it stowed at the back when you are not using it. It will hang on the back using the straps supplied. Trabasack is extremely lightweight and and has grab handles to make it easy to hold. It compares very favourably to fixed wooden or plastic trays that are difficult to attach and remove. Being softer and smaller that a large fixed tray, people have said that it feels move sociable as you don not feel there is a barrier between you and other people. They’re designed for comfort as well as functionality. The underside of the Trabasack is fitted with a soft bean cushion which means it’s extremely comfortable on your lap and it has no hard edges, adding further comfort and removing risk of catching yourself on the hard edge of a wooden or plastic tray. Many people like to use it in the car as a car tray, whether it’s your sat nav, OS map, phone or your bottle of water, you can have them close at hand whilst you drive without having to worry about having to search for them.

Using your Trabasack as a food tray

Follow Me on Pinterest

Your Trabasack can give you more independence when going about your daily business as it is easily brought to your lap as a food tray in restaurants. Unfortunately there are many occasions when powerchair users have difficulty positioning under tables in cafes, restaurants and pubs. Trabasack quickly fixes this problem with a minimum of fuss. It works even when the bag space has your personal items in it. Another inventive use for your Trabasack is as a handy food tray at the cinema or theatre. Without having to strain of stretch for your drinks or snacks you can simply place them on your Trabasack lap tray and get to them at your ease. Simple!

There are many power wheelchair accessories out there but very few are as innovative, multifunctional and useful as Trabasack!

Buy Trabasack on Amazon:
Tweeting about trabasack:

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