Trabasack in the Christopher Reeve Foundation Xmas Gift Guide

We’re in the Christopher Reeve Foundation Xmas Gift Guide 2011!

Follow Me on Pinterest You heard it here first; the Trabasack Curve is one of the top ten Wheelchair Extras in the influential Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Xmas Gift Guide. We’re absolutely thrilled to be considered one of the best wheelchair accessories around and thank the foundation for including us in the list.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation is an American charity which is dedicated to finding treatment for spinal cord injuries and related neurological disorders, with the eventual aim of finding a cure for such conditions. The foundation itself is named after renowned American actor and director, Christopher Reeve. Most famous for his role as ‘Superman’, he had a riding accident in May 1995 that led to him becoming tetraplegic (called quadriplegic in the US). He led high profile campaigns and fund raising for SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) awareness and treatments for the rest of his life with his wife Dana. His efforts were greatly appreciated and his progress and treatments were closely followed by the SCI community across the globe.

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Dana has fronted the organisation since his death in 2004 and continues his work.  Currently, Reeve’s son Matthew and daughter Alexandra also sit on the board of directors.

The 2011 Gift Guide for Individuals Living with Paralysis is a highly respected and recommended brochure which can help alleviate

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some of the stresses involved with shopping. The guide catalogues some of the best products available across a whole number of categories for people living with spinal cord injuries and once again, we are extremely proud that Trabasack features in the list.

The Gift Guide describes the Trabasack Curve as:

“… perfect for the traveler. With a removable bean bag insert on one side and a tray on the other, this bag is curved to snuggle right up to you as you work.”

We definitely agree, the Trabasack Curve is a great Christmas gift and we’re glad that the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation agree.

We are grateful to trabasaxon  @weebles1703 from twitter who saw us featured on the Reeve Foundation site, and tweeted:

@ saw your lovely #trabasack on the Christopher Reeve foundation website. Nice one!

If you see Trabasack featured anywhere on the web, please do let us know. 🙂

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