Cinema Tray Solution for Wheelchair Users

A handy tray for cinema trips

There is no reason why the many wheelchair users across the world can’t access cinema screenings as almost every cinema is wheelchair accessible these days. With specific spaces for wheelchair users, you can enjoy the cinema whenever you like but there remains one problem, where to put your popcorn?

Obviously the wheelchair specific places don’t come with the luxury of a cup holder so it can be difficult to juggle your snacks and your drink but you need not worry. With a Trabasack you’ve got a portable tray which can hold your drinks, snack and any other things you may deem necessary for your cinema trip.

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You need a Trabasack for your cinema trips

Trabasack have invented a fantastic lap tray which can easily be used as a cinema tray and it doubles up as a handy bag to carry all your necessities around in. There are three different models: the Curve, the Mini and the Max.

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The Curve is designed to fit the contours of your body and is universally designed for all chairs. It’s extremely spacious inside so you can easily carry whatever you need whilst utilising it as a fantastic tray. The tray surface comes with a standard PVC cover or you can opt for the Connect surface which is soft and spongy and utilises Velcro technology. This means you can stick things to your Trabasack and know they’ll stay in place. When not in use you can just hang your Trabasack over the back of your chair and forget about it.

The Mini, as is obvious by its name, is super slim and super small. It can also be equipped with the Connect surface if you so desire or you can stick the basic model.

The Max is the biggest and smartest of them all, a luxury lap desk, that will hold all those cinema treats!

So, if you want an easy way of munching your popcorn and slurping your soda without having to juggle, get yourself a Trabasack and enjoy an authentic cinema experience.

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