Disability Rocks – Festivals for People with Disabilities

Disability Rocks Logo

Disability Rocks Logo

Festival season might seem a lifetime away, but in only a few months the Disability Rocks schedule of festival events will descend upon us, supporting music and the arts for people of all ages and disabilities.

Founder Richard Sutton noticed that though the positive experiences of arts and music that go hand in hand with a festival could help support the development of his son, who lives with a rare chromosome disorder, there didn’t seem to be any such event in place that could cater to his needs. Practical involvement in the arts and music can have a positive impact to peoples’ lives: building confidence, challenging the mind and simply having fun is a necessity in life. And so, in early 2012, Disability Rocks was born.

Disability Rocks 2014

Previous years have seen many famous acts including comedian Francesca Martinez of Extras fame and many musicians and artists for adults and children of all ages to enjoy. Here’s a video of Francesca’s performance in 2013:

Trabasaxons at the Cambridge Folk Festival

Trabasaxons at the Cambridge Folk Festival


Disability Rocks Festival events are confirmed in four locations this summer. You can attend Disability Rocks in the Midlands in Kibworth on 12th July, Disability Rocks in the North  in Ilkley on 7th June, Disability Rocks in the South West in Cornwall on 1st June and Disability Rocks in the South East in Essex on 28th June 2014. Tickets for the events start at £10 and children under 5 can go free.

Tickets can be bought here:



Trabasack at Disability Rocks

Cartoonist Brian Adcock uses his Trabasack for artistic endeavours

Newspaper Cartoonist Brian Adcock (Independent and Scotland on Sunday) uses his Trabasack for sketching on the move!

The Trabasack is a combination lap tray and travel bag which, at just under 800g, is lightweight and practical, while remaining comfortable too. We’ve talked about the quality of the product as a holiday essential but it’s also a handy accessory for disabled festival goers too. The secure bag zips up around the side, giving you a safe place to keep festival essentials like money, sun cream and, of course, a camera to capture the memories. As the Trabasack Curve moulds comfortably around your waist, your bag is always right where you need it, with no danger of getting lost.

Owners of a Trabasack also receive the benefit of a built in table. If you buy a drink or a snack at Disability Rocks, you don’t want to be awkwardly trying to carry it around when needing full use of both hands. Simply place it on your sturdy lap tray, utilise your wipe clean, non-slip mat – and enjoy the use of both hands when carrying your drinks and snacks around with you.

Another great use for the Trabasack lap tray is to use it as a practical surface for artistic activities or even writing your own notes on the festival. Whether it’s noting the name of a band you enjoyed and don’t want to forget about or a surface for drawing or any activity you’ve got some involvement in, the wide and sturdy surface is ideal as a comfortable and useful table that you carry around with you.


The Trabasack is an innovative and practical solution to your lap tray and travel bag needs, with a comfortable beanbag cushion and a secure section for your belongings. Take a whole look at our range here and order your Trabasack in time for the festival.

Crutch user Mark with a trabasack T-shirt

Trabasack Fan Mark at the Reading Festival

And please send us your pics! Please leave a comment below.

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  • Hi Im a producer at The Foundation for Community Dance – Deaf and disabled people. I saw your festival online and im really interested. Also would like to share with you a short film that we made recently about six disabled people who dance and what dance means to them, and would like to see if there is a chance of it being shown at your events. Please do get in touch best wishes

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