Travels with Trabasack: why your Trabasack is an essential holiday accessory

Your Trabasack is an essential holiday accessory.

You can use Trabasack as a handy travel tray Follow Me on Pinterest

Your trabasack is a convenient tray for unknown cafes and restaurants as well as moneybelt style bumbag for your passport and valuables!

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or planning your first big holiday, your Trabasack is an essential holiday accessory that you would simply feel lost without. Your Trabasack lap tray and bag is a perfect holiday day bag and its multifunctional capacity makes it even more useful.

There are many reasons that make your Trabasack a great holiday accessory and here are just some of the most important ones:

Trabasack is a handy tray and bag for your travels on trains, planes and buses. We all know how difficult it can be trying to juggle books, phones and food whilst travelling and the flip-down tray tables never have enough space for everything you could need. Your Trabasack provides both a spacious bag compartment and a large steady tray surface which means you can comfortably relax with a book or magazine whilst travelling from A to B.

Trabasack is also fantastic for dining out. When abroad or even travelling in the UK you often come across the problem of tables at awkward heights. Getting yourself and your chair under the table can be difficult or the tables are sometimes too high to comfortably eat from. With your Trabasack you can eat your meal from the tray surface whilst sitting at the table with your fellow travellers! The bag compartment is also great for storing essential items, perhaps you have your knork or favourite cup and need them whilst you’re abroad for example.

Trabasack is fantastic for facilitating relaxation and fun! If you’re lounging by the side of the pool it’s great to be able to read or listen to music comfortably. With your Trabasack you have a level surface on which to keep your mp3 player or books or even enjoying your favourite crafting hobby!

One of the most important and useful functions of your Trabasack is safety. With your Trabasack safely strapped around your waist you

Enjoy your holidays with your indispensible Trabasack! Follow Me on Pinterest

can store all your money, passport and travel documents safely and have no fear that they’re going to get lost either in transit or whilst you’re out and about. You can keep the trabasack in front of you like a money belt or bumbag, whilst going through customs or in busy areas. Having a double, lockable zip, with large ring pulls, means that you can get to your valuables, easily without taking the trabasack off of your lap.

Trabasack is an indispensible holiday bag and I’m sure you’ll agree once you’re out and about enjoying your holidays without a care in the world!

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