Our Happy Customers!

Here at Trabasack we’re always happy to find out that another customer has been satisfied and here are just a few of the great FIVE STAR reviews we’ve received.

“I love mine I found another use for it my baby has mobility problems and is unable to sit in a high chair so misses out with playing at a table. Well with the Trabasack this problem is solved. I attach it to his baby chair and hey presto he has an immediate table and he is able to sit and play with his toys etc.” Wendy Hirst

“I have just received my curve connect tray for my daughter and I have to tell you that I’m absolutely delighted with it. It does exactly what it says it does. The fit is perfect and its nice and light. The connect surface is just genius. Thank you so much” Sarah and Seth Roberts

“I am loving my groovy Trabasack. As a professional cartoonist i find it so useful to lean on when I am out and about or travelling on the train. I don’t need to carry a heavy book or drawing board anymore and it stores all my pens, pencils and drawing paper. I shall recommend it to my fellow professionals when we meet up at our annual shindig. And my one is a cool and sexy black version!” Brian Adcock

“My Trabasack has become an essential part of my work life, allowing me to leave the office with my netbook and work comfortably in the park, on the beach or anywhere. I no longer require a level surface, need to balance the computer on my legs or have to suffer the heat from the power supply underneath, I have my own mini desk which also acts as a great little carry bag. I can’t wait to try it out with an iPad.”Steve Bjorck

“What a brilliant product! I bought my mini Trabasack to use mainly when out and about on my mobility scooter but have used it on so many other occasions since and for all sorts of purposes, note taking in meetings at work, working on my laptop, eating lunch and any other reason you might care to mention – I’ve probably used it for that too! I love it so much I’ve just bought my second one – a Curve Connect this time! I have no hesitation at all in recommending the Trabasack – buy one, this is one purchase you won’t regret!”Su Rigby

“I use Trabasack as a bag for my little one’s drinks and snacks, and then when we are out and about he can use it on his lap for his food as he is often in a pushchair and doesn’t walk far. He loves it. I like the idea that you can fasten toys to it too. I think it’s fabulous!”Sally Huggett

“I’m a student and have one of each, they’re just right for lectures, seminars, field work etc, spot on for revision/studying out and about. As a video-artist I also use them for carrying equipment around for performances. I freaking love Trabasacks!”Martyn-John Hill

“I use my Trabasack for work. Not only is it very functional, but I particularly like it’s design and colours. Like other users / owners of a Trabasack, I too use it to sit on as well as a lap table.” Jay Lane

“I have brought my Trabasack all the way to Australia with me! i love it! I use it as a picnic/laptop/playing cards table and goes with me to the beach too! I also turn it upside down and sit on the bean bag side when I am at the park (way better than a damp bottom when sitting on the grass) love you Trabasack! xo from OZ!Ashley Montana-Pickering

“I originally was just looking for something to support my arms whilst using Lightwriter on my lap…I don’t like traditional wheelchair trays though and have a sporty style manual chair with special folding mechanism so front of chair folds under seat, this mean the frame at front slides inside the tubing as it goes down so I can’t attach anything to it without having to unbolt it all the time.
When I saw the Trabasack I thought it would be ideal for my ‘travel chair’.
I decided to get the one with Velcro top that curved to fit closer to body as I thought it would be easier for me to keep it on my lap and keep items on it as I tend to be clumsy and sometimes knock things I wasn’t particularly aiming for!
It works well with my Lightwriter, but I also use it much more for other things.
I would highly recommend this product for just under £40 it can be used as bag/tray in a variety of situations. I love mine!” Kati Lea

There is also a trabasack blog review here by Danni Brennand.

More reviews about using trabasack as a powerchair  or wheelchair tray can be found here.

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