iPad Mount for Wheelchairs – Options from Trabasack

iPad Mount for Wheelchairs –  – Options from Trabasack

iPad Mounting Options from Trabasack

Finding the correct iPad Mount for wheelchairs can be difficult. The benefits of iPad use are many and well documented and so more and more wheelchair users are using iPads on a daily basis. Without the right mount, using the device can be difficult. At Trabasack we have two iPad mounting options.

Using the Connect Surface as an iPad Mount

Trabasack Connect iPad Mount for Wheelchairs

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The innovative Connect Surface available from Trabasack provides the perfect base for your iPad Mount. It allows you to lay your iPad flat on the Trabasack tray surface and attach it to the tray using Trabasack Hook Tape. The Connect surface is Velcro receptive and the great value Trabasack hook tapes are the perfect choice. Attaching your iPad to your tray surface could not be easier simply:

1. Attach the hook tapes to the back of your iPad

2. Position your iPad on your Trabasack lap tray wherever is best for you

3. You’re ready to and it’s securely attached to your tray surface.

The hook tape keeps your iPad completely secure so if you’re out and about and happen to go over any bumps or up and down any hills, you can be sure your iPad will stay safe.

Using the Media Mount as an iPad Mount

Trabasack Media Mount - iPad Mount for Wheelchairs

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Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of attaching tape to the back of your iPad, you can use the new Trabasack Media Mount. The Media Mount is a multipurpose mounting device designed with iPads in mind. It can safely wrap around your iPad and attach to the Connect surface. It holds the iPad at whatever angle is best for you. You could also lay your iPad flat and use the Media Mount to provide a barrier around the edge to stop it from falling off.

There is no reason you can’t use your iPad when out and about but without the correct mount, it can be a worry. It’s an expensive piece of kit that you want to protect and making sure it is safe is obviously always on your mind. With a Trabasack and in some cases a Media Mount you can be sure your iPad is safe and accessible. Also, when you’re not using it, you can put it in the bag space for safe keeping. Finding the right iPad Mount for Wheelchairs doesn’t need to be difficult, try Trabasack.


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