Jeans for Wheelchair Users – a fantastic design available from

Jeans for Wheelchair Users – a special cut and design


a href=””> Follow Me on Pinterest is one of our favourite small businesses and that is not just because they were one of the first online retailers to sell trabasack 😉

Guy at provides a free place online for people to buy and sell 2nd hand disability equipment. This free service saves people money and helps to reuse and recycle expensive equipment that is no longer needed. A very noble aim we think!

To support this service he also sells new innovative products that improve the lives of people with disabilities. He now has an affordable range of top quality inclusive designs that are useful and otherwise hard to find.

One of his best selling products are the comfortable and user designed:

Rollitex Trousers & Jeans for Wheelchair Users.

Clare Edwards the creator of Trabasack, bought a pair a year ago and now has half a dozen pairs in a range of styles and colours:  “They are the warmest and most comfortable trousers I have. I prefer them over every other type of jeans I have tried. The material is soft but tough and of excellent quality. I recommend them to any wheelchair user.”

A revolutionary idea, Rollitex Wheelchair Jeans offer a fully mainstream and fashionable look for wheelchair users. The jeans are made in a factory that makes a top designer brand of jeans (which of course we cannot mention here!) so the materials and stitching are equivalent to the some of the very expensive high st designer names.

Anyone who is a wheelchair user knows the difficulties of finding comfortable and fashionable trousers. The cut of ordinary jeans means that they are low at the back and uncomfortable for sitting in for extended periods. The Rollitex jeans were designed by a wheelchair user with tailoring skills who decided to create a cut with his needs in mind.  He is still one of the owners of Rollitex and being wheelchair user personally understands problems such as jeans ‘riding up’, studs and hems causing pressure marks and jeans being too short on the leg. This makes their product even more impressive, all these problems are solved with a pair of Rollitex jeans for wheelchair users.


So, what other features makes wheelchair jeans different to a standard pair? Well, the longer zips for better access, they are also bigger so if you have restricted hand function you can still move your zip unaided. They also benefit from strong nylon threads being used to fasten the belt loops to the jeans, so they should never come loose or fall off if used when transferring from chair to bed or vice versa.

The seams are sewn so that they butt against each other, rather than over the top of each other, this feature, along with the lack of studs or back pockets, makes them much more comfortable to wear and less of a worry regarding pressure.

Being specifically designed for wheelchair use, they’re cut with longer legs so they sit on your shoes properly as they would if you were standing.  At the back they are cut higher, so they look fashionable and feel great, keeping you warmer and covered,  and they stay up during the transfer process!

As this video shows, they are truly a innovative design:

Check out the full range of jeans for wheelchair users on

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