Trabasack – one of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market

Trabasack Lap Tray and Bag – one of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market

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When you’re a manual wheelchair user there are many considerations you have to take when considering accessories for your chair. One of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market is definitely the Trabasack Lap Tray and Bag because of its multifunctional usage and its many features which make it a great product for manual wheelchair users.
When looking for a lap tray and bag for your manual wheelchair there are many things you take into consideration, most notably:
Weight – you need an item which is lightweight and manageable so you can comfortably move around without difficulty or with anything obscuring your line of sight.
Look – the design and style of your bag and/or tray is a key factor when you choose it. Like any other item, you want your lap tray and/or bag to look good and fit in with your personal style. Trabasack won a Style Award at Naidex 2011.
Functionality – you want your lap tray and/or bag to do everything you expect without causing you any stress or difficulty.

Why Trabasack is amongst the best manual wheelchair accessories around.

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With Trabasack all these needs are met and more. Whereas you may have been considering a separate lap tray and bag, with Trabasack you need just the one great value item. Trabasack is extremely lightweight and designed for comfort and style. The Trabasack Curve is designed to fit the contours of your body and is fitted with a levelling beanbag which sits comfortably on your knee. When not in use, you can simply hang it on the back of your chair with no trouble at all. Another great feature of the Trabasack Curve Connect is the different colour choices available, so you can pick a bag with a trim to suit your particular style for example orange or blue. Trabasack is a fantastically innovative creation which provides all you could need from a lap tray and bag without looking like a clunky clinical invention. There is no need for complicated connecting clamps or wooden surfaces; your Trabasack has its own fantastic tray surface which can hold a range of items from food to gadgets. It is everything you could need.
If you’re a manual wheelchair user, you need a Trabasack. It is one of the best manual wheelchair accessories on the market due to its fantastic dual usage and its fashionable not functional appearance.

Buy a trabasack manual wheelchair tray now prices £34.95 – £44.95

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