Why is Trabasack One Of The Best Power Wheelchair accessories around?

Trabasack Power Wheelchair Tray and Bag, making it one of the best power wheelchair accessories around.

cool power chair accessories Follow Me on Pinterest Activist blogger and twitterati @latentexistence used a trabasack at the Oxford St Welfare reform protest in January 2012.

If you’re looking for a tray or bag for your power wheelchair, you should look no further than Trabasack. Rather than buying and carrying two separate items, you get both a lap tray and bag in one with a Trabasack. Ingeniously combining both makes it one of the best power wheelchair accessories around.

Why Trabasack is a fantastic accessory for your power wheelchair

If you are looking for cool power chair accessories, trabasack has numerous design awards and style awards.

Your Trabasack lap tray and bag combines many great features which make it a useful accessory for your wheelchair. Firstly, it is light weight and portable so that it’s easy to move when transferring to and from your chair. Keep it stowed at the back when you are not using it. It will hang on the back using the straps supplied. Trabasack is extremely lightweight and and has grab handles to make it easy to hold. It compares very favourably to fixed wooden or plastic trays that are difficult to attach and remove. Being softer and smaller that a large fixed tray, people have said that it feels move sociable as you don not feel there is a barrier between you and other people. They’re designed for comfort as well as functionality. The underside of the Trabasack is fitted with a soft bean cushion which means it’s extremely comfortable on your lap and it has no hard edges, adding further comfort and removing risk of catching yourself on the hard edge of a wooden or plastic tray. Many people like to use it in the car as a car tray, whether it’s your sat nav, OS map, phone or your bottle of water, you can have them close at hand whilst you drive without having to worry about having to search for them.

Using your Trabasack as a food tray

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Your Trabasack can give you more independence when going about your daily business as it is easily brought to your lap as a food tray in restaurants. Unfortunately there are many occasions when powerchair users have difficulty positioning under tables in cafes, restaurants and pubs. Trabasack quickly fixes this problem with a minimum of fuss. It works even when the bag space has your personal items in it. Another inventive use for your Trabasack is as a handy food tray at the cinema or theatre. Without having to strain of stretch for your drinks or snacks you can simply place them on your Trabasack lap tray and get to them at your ease. Simple!

There are many power wheelchair accessories out there but very few are as innovative, multifunctional and useful as Trabasack!

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