Powerchair or Dalek ?

Dalek made from a Powerchair


Amazing Dalek model powered by an electric wheelchair. Who said mobility shops were boring?

Herne Bay Mobility Ltd have made a dalek using a motor from a powerchair, they also hope to add a water gun and an electric voice box.

The Herne Bay Mobility Ltd mascot: a full sized Dalek powerchair hybrid!on a powerchair Follow Me on Pinterest

I spotted the home made dalek in the THIIS magazine bulletin, which is a trade magazine for the homecare industry. They had been sent the pic by David Aldridge. He and collegues have made the model as an eye catching promotional model to bring in customers. He told THIIS magazine  “We have named it DaveRoss instead of Davros. It is powered using an old Gochair  and he does about 4 mph, with a range of about 8 miles. The completed mascot will carry a water cannon and full speaker system so when you talk it converts your voice to a menacing Dalek type sound.”


Raising cash for Great Ormond Street Hospital


Herne Bay Mobility Ltd intend to use it to help raise funds  It looks a pretty accurate model to me and I am sure it will be in demand at local fetes and events. So apart from being a crowd puller there is a serious side to ‘DaveRoss’ as David explained. “The idea is to raise funds for GOSH and local charities and along the way, give people a chuckle.”


My favourite Dalek is Davros. I would love a pic of Davros using a trabasack. If anyone would like to draw a cartoon or photoshop a pic of Davros and a Trabasack, I will send the best one a Trabasack T-shirt.

If Herne Bay Mobility Ltd want to stock some trabasacks and list them on their site , possibly alongside the Dalek posing in a 3xl Tshirt that would be terrific too 😉


Davros and a Dalek Follow Me on Pinterest



Mavis and Ray from the Living with Mesothelia  Blog visited Herne Bay Mobility shop and saw the Dalek in the shop. Although they didn’t buy a trabasack (by the sound of it), they did buy some sock aids and took this terrific picture of the dalek in the shop.

Living with Mesothelioma

Great pic from the “Living with Mesothelioma” blog, thanks to Mavis and Ray


Their blog is well worth a visit 🙂

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