Trabasack: a testimonial from one of our first customers

Trabasack: a testimonial from one of our first customers

On YouTube you’ll find a video from Dr. Mark Edworthy who was one of our first customers to buy the Trabasack back in 2009. In this video Mark discusses exactly how useful his Trabasack has been and exactly why he “would be lost without it”.

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The Trabasack is an inventive and original lap tray which doubles as a bag and has become extremely popular amongst wheelchair users for a number of reasons. Mark describes the Trabasack as “unique” and says he’d “never seen anything like it” and also has found it “incredibly useful” in the two years he’s had it.

With its multifunctional use as both a tray and a bag Dr. Mark describes the surface as “beautifully flat…which I can use for writing or even put a mug of coffee on” and also notes it has “proved to be pretty indestructible for the two years I’ve had it.” This is a great testament as Trabasack’s truly are designed to last and if yours does need a wash, you can simply put it in a regular machine at 30 degrees and it’ll come out as good as new.

As a wheelchair user, Dr. Mark explains how he can use the extra straps of the Trabasack to attach it to his chair when travelling and then when getting on and off trains via ramps he does not have to worry about it sliding off or getting lost. Throughout his travels Mark uses his Trabasack to carry his laptop and notes and finds it “quick to access” due to its “easy to use zips”.

Using your Trabasack as a food tray

Fascinatingly, Mark has found another use for his Trabasack over the years, one which we may not have envisaged previously. He discusses the common problem of going out to eat in restaurants as a wheelchair user and how many restaurants simply aren’t designed with accessibility in mind. However with your Trabasack in tow, Mark explains how you “can put the plate straight onto the Trabasack, no fuss, simplicity”.

Dr Mark considers his Trabasack essential and as mentioned says “I would be lost without it” which is a true sign of exactly how useful and valuable your Trabasack will become once you’ve bought it.

Wheelchair laptray testimonial

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