Trabasack wins NAIDEX Style Award

This week was an extremely busy but fun week for the Trabasack team. Each year we exhibit at NAIDEX at Birmingham NEC. Here a picture of Clare and I launching Trabasack in 2009. Our first ever tradeshow!

Trabasack is launched at NAIDEX healthcare tradeshow, NEC UK April 09 Follow Me on Pinterest

Trabasack is launched at NAIDEX healthcare tradeshow, NEC UK April 09


This year we were back at NAIDEX with a bigger and better stand, each year getting more confident and experienced in creating an exhibition stand.

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Naidex Trabasack stand 2011

Our vision for trabasack has always been that it is a stylish and useful product to people of all abilities, a truly inclusive design. We have been very glad to use ‘Universal Design’ principles, creating a product that is useful to everyone.

Trabasack’s creator Clare Edwards, also had another principle aim during it’s development. To create a product that was not only universally functional but to make it attractive and stylish for the user.

We believe these twin aims have led to its’ success and generous positive feedback and reviews from our customers.

We were therefore thrilled to hear that there would be a new award given at this years Naidex National event for the most stylish independent living solutions:

‘The stigma attached to disability products is no secret; they are not known for being the most attractive or trendy. But there is a growing demand for independent living solutions that deliver on appearance as well as functionality from those who refuse to let disability get in the way of style. This year, Naidex National (5-7th April, Birmingham NEC) has committed itself to finding the most aesthetically pleasing items on offer by launching the Naidex Style Awards as one of the many exciting new features of the show.’ said the Naidex Style Award press release.  Follow Me on Pinterest


During the first two days of the show a panel of judges browsed the exhibition stands looking for products that enhance the lives of users without compromising on looking good. Searching for exhibitors that go the extra mile to ensure that their products are visually appealing as well as improving the independence and comfort of consumers.

The  judges were television presenter and wheelchair basketball player Ade Adepitan, co-founder of Enabled by Design Denise Stephens and independent occupational therapist Nikki Chapman. All three are passionate about finding well-designed assistive equipment and believe that great style is always achievable no matter what your disability.

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Judges for the NAIDEX style award were television presenter and wheelchair basketball player Ade Adepitan, co-founder of Enabled by Design Denise Stephens and independent occupational therapist Nikki Chapman.

We were  very hopeful to be considered for the award as we knew already that Denise and Ade were fans of Trabasack. Ade had presented designer Clare, with a BHTA Independent Living Design Award in 2009.


Describing the aim of the award Event Director Liz Virgo commented, “We feel that the Naidex Style Awards will show all visitors that it is possible to find stylish solutions for independent living, something that is becoming increasingly important. People are not only looking for products that function well and make life easier, but also products that look good, be that items of clothing, home equipment or mobility aids. I am looking forward to seeing who the judges nominate as the winner.”


The winners of the award were announced at 2.30pm on  Wednesday (6th) of Naidex in the Inspiration Lounge. We were delighted to be placed as runner up for the Style Award. Also announced as a tweet! 

#Naidex Style Awards 2nd place: Trabasack (lap tray travel bag) - beanbag inside provides level surface while sitting
Enabled by Design


The overall winner being an Inclusive shower range from Phlexycare. We were also very pleased that the Pashmina from Bibetta was also in the top three. The Pashmina is a scarf design clothes protector with neoprene. Joint third was Recare’s customised wheelchair spoke guards, that look a lot of fun.

Trabasack is runner up in the NAIDEX Style Awards 2011





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