Using Your Trabasack As A Wheelchair Food Tray

Using Your Trabasack As A Wheelchair Food Tray

As a wheelchair user you are probably more than aware of the problem of eating when out and about. In restaurants, pubs and cafes it can be very difficult to find an accessible table or surface that you can close enough to to eat from. It isn’t easy to eat without a level surface to rest things on. Unfortunately many pubs, cafes and eating places forget that at least one table should be slightly higher to make it easy for a wheelchair and powerchair user to get right underneath.

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There are many occasions when wheelchair users find it hard to find a comfortable eating place:

  1. No tables available
  2. The tables that are available are inaccessible (too low/high or legs in the wrong places)
  3. The only available tables are upstairs and there’s no lift.
  4. The only free table is at the back of a crowded restaurant and you don’t fancy battling through!

Solve these problems with a Trabasack wheelchair food tray

These common problems are encountered daily all over the world by wheelchair users  but they can be solved simply with the aid of a Trabasack. Trabasack was designed by a wheelchair user (Clare Edwards, as pictured) and has won many awards for it’s stylish design and functional ‘Design-for-all’ concept. Used as a wheelchair food tray it is a great way dining out conveniently and comfortably, so that you can get on with life, despite the negligence of cafe and restaurant owners who should provide better access!

With a Trabasack food tray comfortably eat or drink from your tray on your lap without having to worry about finding a table or fitting under a table with your friends or family. You can be attend social events without the worry that you will not be able to reach or get under a suitable table.  You are able to attend and eat your meal or enjoy your drinks from the stylish, ease of your Trabasack food tray.

Previous to using your Trabasack, the danger of scalds and burns was much higher as drinking a hot coffee or eating a hot meal without a proper surface to rest it on is extremely dangerous but by using your Trabasack, you can rest your drink or food as and when you need to. It has a small bean bag inside it that makes it level and stable on your lap as well a purpose designed PVC tray top surface for food and hot drinks. It can also be carried and used as bag. There is room inside the bag space for preferred cups, water bottle, cutlery or splints – anything that you like to carry to make eating out easier.

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Trabasack is highly recommended by many other wheelchair users and described as the “best invention ever” by one reviewer on Amazon. It’s a fantastic innovation which has really added an extra ease to many people’s lives and makes things a lot simpler whilst out and about. Blogger Markinsutton says the only regret he has regarding his Trabasack is that he didn’t buy one sooner! When trabasack creator Clare Edwards forgot her trabasack at a pinic table and mentioned it on twitter, Mark immediately tweeted:









@ never leave home without my Trabasack
Mark Mayer

Using your Trabasack as an innovative wheelchair food tray is a great way of eating out socially or eating whilst on to go.

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