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Wheelchair Gardening ideas:

Use your Trabasack as a helpful gardening tray

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Wheelchair gardening is a hobby that can be enjoyed when you have a few handy tips and ideas from an expert. There is no reason you can’t successfully garden and enjoy your private sanctuary if you’re a wheelchair user. As Fred of Fredshed.co.uk shows, there are plenty of tools and accessories out there which can aid your gardening experience and mean you can easily and safely garden from your wheelchair.

Fred Walden is known as an expert tool tester and his site shows a huge range of tools being tested for quality, strength and usability. Part of his site is called gardening from a wheelchair. On it he debunks the usual ideas about raised beds that bring all the plants up to lap height and looks at ways that wheelchair gardening can be carried out in an ordinary garden. His ideas show how he uses telescopic gardening tools and other handy wheelchair accessories such as Trabasack. This is an alternative for the need for expensive landscaping and installing of raised beds and container planting.

From long handled cut and hold pruners to helping hand pick up tools, Fred assesses and reviews all sorts of gardening accessories which can make gardening much more fun and less of a chore. He also has great things to say about using your Trabasack as a gardening tool.

Why you need a Trabasack for gardening

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Fred describes Trabasack as his ‘latest “must have” accessory for a wheelchair user’ and explains that the Trabasack Curve has “plenty of space for working on plants” (pictured) and he considered its curved edge great as it ‘makes it more stable’. Above all, Fred rates the Trabasack’s storage space as it zips open and you can use it for storage as well as a handy tray surface. Perhaps using the bag space for gloves, smaller tools, or seeds, string or a pencil and plant markers.

The Trabasack is a multipurpose lap tray and bag and can be used for a variety of purposes. In the garden it can be used for potting and transplanting cuttings, sowing seeds, even grafting and delicate jobs where you need plants and cuttings close at hand.

After you’ve finished gardening you can wipe down your trabasack with a soapy cloth or if it gets very dirty, simply put it in the washing machine on a normal thirty degree wash (use a wash bag, no spin) and then you can use it for something else – perhaps in the lounge or kitchen or as a handy place to keep your cup of tea whilst relaxing after a thirsty day in the garden!

Enjoy your garden with your gardening tray

So as a versatile bag and tray addition to your gardening tools, there is even more reason to enjoy gardening as a wheelchair user. You can keep your own garden maintained and growing. If you enjoy gardening and need a handy surface to help when planting or working on plants, you should consider adding a Trabasack to your gardening accessories collection. For more info on gardening for people with disabilities have a look at Freds site and support his reviews and website, if you can, by purchasing through his Amazon store links.

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