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The iBex Saddlechariot: Wheelchair Access with a Pony!


A Day out with Pony Access

We love  the idea of “Access all Areas” and are thrilled with this new idea for going off road.

There are a few products out there which really change the meaning of accessibility.  We have previously looked at the Mountain Trike and Wheelchair Skiing.  Here we’re looking at the fantastic work of Simon Mulholland, the developer of the iBex Saddlechariot and the Pony Access scheme, which provides, as his Twitter bio attests, ‘Access to ponies, Access with ponies. Disability, ability, who cares, ponies don’t.’

The iBex Saddlechariot is an innovative creation which allows wheelchair users to be pulled along safely by ponies, allowing them access to a wide range of sights and scenes which would previously have been impossible without significant help or at all for some types of wheelchair. The iBex Saddlechariot has been used to take people on trips all over the place, covering rocky terrain, beaches and water.

A Closer Look at the iBex Saddlechariot

A pony pulling a chariot adapted for a wheelchair

Cross Country with a Pony!

The iBex has been designed with safety as its main concern. It is a wheelchair enabled pony-drawn all-terrain vehicle which allows wheelchair users to access the countryside on any path they choose, in a similar way to how a rider of a quad bike could and even in some places where you can’t even reach with a squad.

The design seems so simple but once you look closer there are a range of features which show just how effective the iBex is. The most important is the instant release system which releases the pony and renders the iBex stationary, brakes applied, ensuring the complete safety of the user of the iBex. The instant release system is activated by the simple pull of a rope and it can even be operated remotely, ensuring that carers, guardians or pony handlers can activate the system is the user isn’t able to.

The best thing about the iBex is that is designed for use with wheelchairs. It hasn’t been modified or changed to accommodate wheelchair users, it was always designed with them in mind.

Any Wheelchair, Anywhere!

iBex on the Beach

iBex on the Beach

The iBex is designed to work with absolutely any wheelchair, with both manual chairs and power chairs easily accommodated. Modifications can be made for each chair and a quick look at all the different images that @ponyaccess shares will show you people of all shapes and sizes enjoying the iBex and having a fantastic time.

Much like the universal design of the product, where you can go is also (almost) limitless. Some terrain is obviously dangerous (deep mud, swampland) but beyond that you can enjoy almost anywhere from the comfort of the iBex. Sand, slopes and rocky terrain are no problem and it is possible to enjoy English Heritage sites which have been kept from people using wheelchairs for many years.

As this video shows, plenty of fun and plenty of environments can be enjoyed from the comfort of the iBex.

Pony Access is based in Exeter but they often take treks out to Sussex and Brecon, with other areas a definite possibility – you’d just need to have a chat with them! It’s great to find businesses and individuals who are passionate about inclusivity and accessibility, especially when their attempts to solve the issue are so fun.

#AccessDay Exmouth Beach wheelchair accessible. Over rocks, over shingle and soft sand. Real beach access for anyone.

Get in contact with Simon at Pony Access, click here.

Seable: Accessible Active Holidays in Sicily

Seable logo , a blue wave over the words seable Follow Me on Pinterest

Finding  a good accessible for people with limited mobility or visual impairment holiday is not impossible but can be time consuming and worrying, especially outside of the UK. We previously profiled the excellent converted accessible accommodation in France, but if you are thinking of Italy, have you heard of new company Seable?

We were recently contacted by the company’s director, Damiano La Rocca. Damiano is launching a new social enterprise in the UK that has already been running successfully in Sicily for eight years. Their slogan is clear ‘Accessible Active Holidays’ in Sicily and their services are second to none to ensure you can experience the benefits of a fab holiday, with people who have an in depth knowledge of accessibility and visual impairment.

Experience Sicily as a Wheelchair User

Follow Me on Pinterest Seable work in association with the Sicilian charity LIFE (Life Improvement for Everyone) and with this in mind provide a whole host of accessible activities in Sicily with the customer firmly at the forefront of all their decisions. Every package is personally designed to ensure the individual in question is getting everything they want from their holiday and all the activities they want to experience can be achieved. Split into two clear sections, the Seable team cater for those with visual and physical impairments offering a range of exciting activities which you may not have been offered before including:

  • Scuba Diving Course – which has intensively designed with accessibility and inclusiveness in mind
  • Volcano Exploration – visit the world’s largest active volcano and dine in its volcanic area
  • Olive Oil Experience – make your own olive oil and learn more about the olive harvesting process
  • 4×4 Driving Experience – tailor made with those living with visual impairments in mind.

All these activities have a distinctly Italian feel so you can truly immerse yourself in the Sicilian culture and enjoy everything Seable have to offer. All packages include suitable accommodation, transport, trips and meals so you don’t need to worry about any additional costs. In addition to these key events there are also a range of accessible tours in the area if you wish to soak up the culture. This video from Seable shows their full package in greater deal and we think it’s seriously worth a go if you’re planning your summer break:

We hope to work with Seable to offer discounts and offers to trabasaxons. If you are interested please leave a comment or contact me on twitter @trabasack or by email duncan AT

You Can Enjoy Wheelchair Accessible Holidays in France

Enjoy a Wheelchair Accessible Holiday in France

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Through the development and growth of Trabasack as a product, we have made a lot of friends and business links with other great companies along the way and one of these is with Jacqui and Carl who run  fantastic wheelchair accessible holiday accommodation in North West France.

It can be a struggle to find a decent wheelchair accessible holiday in the UK let alone abroad so in providing a comfortable relaxed atmosphere in the beautiful French town of La Roche Derrien, is filling a huge gap in the market.

Situated less than ten minutes from beautiful sandy beaches and a few metres from the authentic local market, this location provides everything you could want from a relaxing break. The accommodation itself is situated in a fully renovated cotton mill and comprises of six wheelchair accessible apartments. Purpose built and with comfort as well as convenience in mind these apartments include all necessary adaptations such as grab rails and shower seats and all the home comforts you would expect (internet access and UK television for example).

The company also offer a great range of specialised “theme breaks” such as Arts and Crafts weeks and Introduction to the French language weeks. As the website describes these aren’t courses but tasters for those interested in the subjects being offered. In addition to this, they have also begun to offer respite breaks for those who may require them. When booking a respite break, you will be provided with all your standard requirements including:

  • Support Workers
  • Planned activities
  • Staff on call
  • Necessary equipment

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The costs of breaks are dependent on requirements but are also very fair and more than affordable against non-accessible competitor prices. Finding an accessible holiday which provides for all your needs and is in a prime location can be difficult, but with you’ve got everything you need in one place with no worries!

If you have been, please leave a comment below. We are hoping to visit next year to enjoy a wheelchair accessible holiday in France ourselves and will report back with some new pics for our blog.

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